Can Gems Enhance Luck!

Luck or Bhagya is the most vital object that governs the success and status of any person. In Astrology Bhagya is considered as the outcome of certain Planets strength in native’s Horoscope. And to strengthen these planets Gems are used.

Gems contain certain powers that can affect one’s health, wealth and emotional well beings. All the planets have their own Gems. By wearing Gems we can draw additional energy from that respective planet.

The deficiency if any in the planet at the time of Natives birth is get automatically rectified and a weak planet turns into a physically powerful one. So any of planets is benefice but weak in strength, that time one should wear its Gem in order to get its required strength.

The ancient Hindu Text, “Garud Purana” and “Indra Purana” defines about 9 primary Gems. In the “Ratna Pareeksha Adhhaya”  Luck and Gemstones

In Brihat Samhita of Varahamihira, (Ch.80) it is mentioned that the Emperor wears auspicious Gems to ensure power and prosperity.

By wearing a correct Gem can enhance the strength of planets.

We can see the example of Mr Amitabh Bachan who after being reduced to ashes once again has reached the peak of success. Now he is wearing 2 blue Sapphires, and Emerald.

How strong role did these stones have played in his success?

Before wearing a Gem, it is essential to test the Gem for its effectiveness.  The Gems cannot give the desired effect unless they are genuine and have auspicious AURA and INCLUSIONS.

An improved Gem, generally common in these days, makes the Gem barren and useless.

The built-in influence of the gems which is also called the theory of the rays, is  always a subject of the astrologers used for treatment of disease, fashion and assumed to be having spiritual power which gives good luck, mental peace and happiness.

The Gem acts as a filter in the Human body. For example the ultraviolet rays of the Sun are considered very dangerous for human life. So if person wears a Ruby, this ruby emits a ray that prevents the ultra violet rays entering the human body directly.  As a result the person’s circulatory system and its arteries, veins might function very well.

RubyThe Gem Ruby emits constant rays that enter in the human body and influence mind, brain and thought process. As a result, it raises his personality and professional activities.

In the Ratna Pareeksha adhhaya of Brihat samhita is particularly mentioned that the kings wear favorable gems and jewels to assure the power and prosperity.

So before wearing Gems one must get adequately tested for its qualities and the defects. Certain rituals are needs to be performed before wearing the gems depending upon the horoscope.

However, according studies one  should always  wear  a  Gem  which  empowers the  lords  of  Ascendant, Fifth  and Ninth  houses. Because  these  are  the  points  of  Luck (Bhagya)  and  it  is  simply said  that  “The  Luck  Gives You  the  best  of  the  World”  Just stand and watch.