Fertility and Astrology

Moon is the most important planet in terms of fertility for both men and women. Planet Moon rules the entire reproductive system, along-with Moon, all the planets have some participation and influence also.

Before going into details about conception, here is brief overview about Astrology and fertility.

By analyzing individual’s horoscope an Astrologer can find the fertility challenges. Also it is possible to check whether Couple is operating on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level, as per the transitory planet positioning.


Organs, Functions and Astrology


Every organ and functions of the body is related to different Astrological signs, houses and planets.

  • For example, sexual activity is ruled by Scorpio. The male reproductive organ is ruled by 8th house, the Fertility and Astrologyhouse of makeover and Planet Mars and Scorpio.
  • The menstrual cycle is ruled by the 5th house, the House of creativity and children and the 8th house along-with the planet Moon.
  • Seminal fluid is lined by the Moon while the sperm is ruled by Scorpio, Venus, Jupiter, and Mars.
  • The ovaries are ruled by Venus, Libra, and Scorpio. Desire or sexual appeal is ruled by Venus and Mars.
  • Creativity and energy are ruled by the Sun.
  • Sexual characteristics hormones are controlled by Mars and Venus.

In general, any physical and hormonal differences between males and females are ruled by Mars and Venus.

Conception timing and Astrology


Astrology can be used to choose the best time to implant eggs in IVF, by avoiding difficult aspect of the Moon. When the Sun and any major Planets are in opposition, there will be an increase in sunspot activity, magnetic storms, shifts in magnetic fields, and cosmic radiation.

ASTROLOGY AND FERTILITYCommonly it is seen that women are most fertile at full Moon and also ovulate at this time, and menstruate at the new Moon.

It has been observed that women are often fertile and conceive at full Moon. A woman is fertile during the same phase of Moon when she was born.

Using Medical Astrology we can suggest the Astrological Moon and Sun sign to have a particular foods or activities that can help to create harmony and balance, which can assist the harmonization of these cycles.

Astrology is a useful means for understanding an individual’s fertility and fertility challenges. Using this we can increase fertility and the probability of conception.

Fertile Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Barren Signs: Gemini, Leo, And Virgo

Fertility in the birth chart can be analyzed using combination factors which include the Moon Dasha at birth, the Moon sign at birth and the condition of the planets and signs linked to the 5th House, the house of Children.

The Sun Sign has to do very little with it. A professional astrologer can work out on your personal Horoscope and identify the Chances of fertility using a combination of these signs and other factors.

According to Astrology, the well-built position of Moon, Mars, Venus and Jupiter in the Horoscope will bless the couple with nice and healthy children.

Infertility problems can arise due to outer space factors like follows.Astrology Fertility

  • Pitru Dosh
  • Guru-Chandal Yoga.
  • Sun – Dosh
  • Moon – Dosh
  • Mercury – Dosh
  • Rahu  placement in Birth Chart

Astrological Remedies for Infertility

Indian or in Vedic Astrology there are many more remedies for infertility problems. Before trying to any remedies, a woman or a couple needs to stay relaxed and welcome the remedies, believable with an open heart. A few dependable astrological remedies for conception issues are as follows.

  • Eliminate stress and have joyfulness in your life to strengthen the Mars position.
  • Take Amla Juice for remove toxins.
  • Stay calm and avoid anger.
  • Control Diabetes.
  • Take proper treatment for any health troubles.
  • Stay active and don’t let tiredness in your schedule.
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking and other toxins.
  • Worship regularly, sit in meditation or prayer,give offerings. Recite the relevant mantra to Shiva, Laddoo Gopal, Ma-Laxmi, and Uma Devi.

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