How Sun Affects Career and Occupation

In Vedic Astrology, Sun is considered as a father who provides the vital force behind creation and its nourishment.

Every planet and star acquires vitality from Sun, the massive source of Light Heat, and Energy. Sun’s grace not only reaches the planets and human beings but it reaches other living things on Earth also.

Characteristics of Sun:


From its fixed position, the Sun emits its rays across the Zodiac pathway throughout 365 days; each sign receives its direct rays for a month.

careerIn the Zodiac, Sun rules Leo. An individual of Leo, or if Planet Sun is positioned in the favorable house in Horoscope, he or she acquires Sun’s characteristics like strong-will, personality, courage, power, self-respect, confidence, good ambition, and luminous wisdom.

Sun, if placed unfavorably in the Chart, the individual may have the qualities like, Anger, jealousy, luxury, assertive and egoistic. An unfavorable Sun also brings lack of rational thinking, lack of self-confidence and negative attitude.

Sun and its positive effects on Profession:


According to Astrology, A strong or positive Sun in a horoscope makes the Native high-quality or a most favored professional. Sun gives the native with appeal of royalty in his or her behavior. He will be noble, and can have control over the subordinates.

He will be on the right path, adhere to rules and delegate work in a democratic manner.

Sun in relationship with Mars makes the native autocratic and spontaneous in attitude.

Sun with other planets in a chart:


An individual with positive position of Sun, have inclinations in careers like civil or government services, politics, administrative jobs, executive posts like Vice-president or CEO of MNC.

Career Astrology

Sun in association with other planets, gives positive energy to certain specialized pursuits.

Sun is with or aspect by Jupiter, the person may become a physician, magistrate, mayor, and scientist.

Sun is with or aspect by Venus, the native may become an architect or event manager.

Sun is with Mars or aspect by Mars, the person may join air-force, defense, or navy.

Sun is with or aspect by Mercury, the individual will prefer to work as a advisor, project manager or a service provider to an administration departments.

Sun is with or aspect by Saturn, the individual has to take lot of responsibilities and his promotion or gratitude would come after too long hard work.

Effect of Sun in different Houses:


  • Sun as Ascendant will makes the native as a trustworthy position as leader of a group, or CEO of a MNC.
  • In 3rd House, Sun will grace with commendable respect and assistance from subordinates to implement his day to day jobs through them.
  • 6th House Sun will help persons in getting promotion and being appreciated. Sometimes results of job will get delayed.
  • In 7th House, Sun will cause clashes or problems between the people in judiciary and those in managerial jobs.
  • In 10th and 11th Houses, Sun will provide with right wisdom to capture opportunities, elevation in Job positions.
  • Sun in 12th House, may bring loss of power. He or she may be subjected to devolution of responsibilities.