If everything can be fixed by Astrology, then why Astrologers are not richest, happiest people in the World.

Astrology is a science of inclinations for prospects, strengths, weaknesses, fears, and their change over time. Astrology deals with inter-relationships, harmony and battles.

Astrology can show the pathway on your destiny if you can read it. It shows what is “designated” using various planetary positioning and transits.

“But it cannot change your destiny”


Astrological results (Phalit) will continue to be effective regardless, whether one has tried with remedies or not.

If someone’s destiny could be changed using Astrological remedies, it means that the original astrological indications (which at the time of one’s Birth, do not change and which is permanent for a lifetime) are not true or effective after the remedies. But this never happens.

So, Astrology cannot make a poor person (or poor Astrologer) rich, unless there are indications in his natal chart and certain age when these changes can take place.

So, here is the principles of how remedies work, by giving similarities.

Astrology Help

Suppose there is hot Sun which is unbearable. Here the remedy could be to hold an umbrella to walk in the Sun, or to take a rest in a nice air-conditioned place rather roaming in the Sunlight.

When the astrologer says you to chant specific “Mantras” to appease the planets. Instead, if you live your life logically and prudently, you will get the same results as that with chanting of mantras

So, for example if I am an Astrologer and I realize that I will not have so much prosperity up-to certain time of period, then why can’t I do remedies and have expected amount of wealth to have a prosperous life.

The answer is, I am only allowed to experience a part of my Sanchit karmas, in this life. This part of Karma is known as Prarabandha karma. Nothing more OR nothing less.

Then here arises the question – Why to do remedies at all?

So, somebody sees that he is having trouble in their relationships with someone in this life, it is a clear indication that he could have been given troubles to him either in this life or in previous births.

Thus, if an Astrologer suggests to do remedies like – help others who are in their bad life time by counselling, or donating some money in the poor couple’s marriage. Here he or she is trying to create a new good karma, because of that you are not going to suffer due to bad karmas created previously.

These new good karmas will help you to enjoy good relationship as well, either in this or in the next life based on the account balance.

Hence, understand clearly, hurting someone emotionally is creating a bad karma and, you never escape from the result of that karma.

At the same time, any good work done to others will also come back to you in different way. Even simply loving the animals will always come back to you.

Astrology REMEDIES

But, remember, it doesn’t mean that if one kills somebody and then helps a Dog to get treatment and wants to reduce the bad karma created by killing a person.

One still has to suffer for the murder but, even he will enjoy the fruits of helping the Dog.

One important thing to mention here is that, astrology helps you to prepare yourself for what lies ahead either good or bad. 

Knowing that you will have to suffer for a certain period of time only, which always gives you hope, once this time period ends things will set better.

So, my advice to those reading this answer is to go to an astrologer only if you are facing problems in life, because the astrologer will help finding the troubles and when they will end.

If everything is fine in life, don’t ask the Astrologer about life.


Lastly, what can be done to have a prosperous life. Well it just needs to do anything with a common understanding, just donate certain portion of your income to feed needy peoples, or helping the peoples in their problems.

Here someone feel, we are also always in deficiency to meet our own needs, then how to donate OR rich peoples only should/can donate.Donation

The simple logic is if I have Rs. 1000 for my own needs and if I am able to donate Rs. 10 compared to millionaire, who donates Rs 1000, my contribution is still higher.

“Donation is what you are ready to give up from your own life in order to give better life to someone”.

The Pleasure and Happiness for Astrologer is not about what you getting from your own life, but the biggest Pleasure is to see someone’s horoscope and to tell about what great things they are achieving to enjoy in their life.