Importance of Kundali Matching

To understand the compatibility in between the bride and groom, the kundli matching before marriage is done. In astrology, there are 36 Gunas in total which is to be matched for concluding about the compatibility of two persons and how prosperous their life will be.

These Gunas contains different points and each of them indicates a different aspect of life. It also indicates how their stars and destinies will affect each other. By matching the Kundli we can specify marital harmony between them.

Financial Stability and Career Prospects

When two un-known people unite in the sanctified relationship marriage, their planets affects not only on their lives, but on lives of each other’s also. Bhakoot, the seventh Guna from these eight, indicate about this effect in Astrology.












From Kundlis (Horoscope) matching, financial stability and job forecast can also be looked into.

Compatibility about Offspring

One major concern that has to be checked while matching Kundli is the happiness and birth of healthy children. Naadi, the eighth Guna carries the maximum points and indicates the chances of childbirth or the problems arising around it, if any. Since a family is measured complete only after the child birth, so parents are very particular in this happiness for their children after marriage.

Identifying the Doshas You are Carrying

Planets and KundaliWhen a child takes birth, the positioning of the Planets at the time of his birth will decide his fortune. This factor is a scientifically proven and is therefore very important to every individual.  

The timing and positioning of stars in the child’s birth chart can sometimes create Dosha in that child’s Horoscope like, Mangal Dosha / Pitru Dosha / Kaal Sarp Dosha etc…!


Such dosha can create problems after marriage, but with the help of Kundli matching these dosha’s can be identified.

Once identified, by performing certain PUJA, or following certain rituals the effects of such Dosha can be reduced.

In extreme cases, considering the severity of these Dosha the marriage is not advisable.

Moon and Venus

When Moon and Venus are placed in 7th house and the native if stays with his mother and wife under one roof, he will not grow financially. Here it is advised to stay in different house away from his mother (Though this situation is so Panic to live away from mother, but considering the fact we have to follow).

Rahu and Mercury

If a Girl have Rahu and Mercury in 12th house, severe remedies will requires to be done before marriage else her in-laws have to face financial problems.


Saturn in 5th house delays childbirth and can cause problems if it is afflicted by enemy planets.


Venus represents fertility, Venus if debilitated in 6th house and no support from Friendly planets or aspected by Enemy planet or if it is in Enemy sign; it will create problems in female Reproductive system. And thus obstacles in childbirth

Marriage is the conjunction of two destinies together. The Female and Male chart equally affect each other after Marriage. Marriage matching is important to balance negatives with positives in their Charts. If Venus in one of partner has afflicted, then Venus in other should be strong.

One of the partner if have weak financial Yogas, the other should have strong ones.

Even in Love Marriage, the couple should undergo Marriage matching. This will ensure the adequate steps are taken and remedies are done to reduce ill effects of planets up-to a certain extent.

Horoscope Matching

Kundali matching is definitely important. I am not going to give examples, but will state something that many people miss.

Planets that influence the first house and Moon should be considered for both partners too. E.g. if Mars in first house, the other partner should have Mars, Saturn or Sun in the ascendant to balance the energy

Before marriage, planets like Venus, Rahu and 7th Lord influence your decision. After marriage, Mars and Saturn will play role

Marriage will be especially stable, if 7th Lords are friends for both the partners.

If Rahu / Ketu influence the 7th house, there will be displeasure in the married life. Jupiter’s aspect might bring some relief or it will remove the negative effects.

So, it is important Matching of Horoscope rather Guna Milan 

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