Marriage Problems and Astrology

Whatever you or wherever you, you look the things you love, and determine how your marriage life will be. Obviously problems are there but you put your best efforts to make your married life to be happy.

Problems are not an obstacle for Astrologer or Astrology, with the help of expert Astrologer one can get better and smooth married life.

Now a day’s couples are getting married without Astrological matchmaking and that ends in failure married life.

Venus and Jupiter are general significators of marriage for males and females, correspondingly

Delay in Marriage

The delay in marriages may cause by: 

  • If Seventh, Fourth and/or Second houses are afflicted
  • The general significator of marriage if afflicted and/or weakened for one or other reasons
  • The fourth house lord being completely weak
  • The lord of the eighth and / or Twelfth houses containing a Mooltrikona sign being afflicted and/or weak for one or another reason. 
  • Whenever there is a severe affliction in the seventh house of male natives, they are lack of confidence and there may be delay in their marriage.
  • The influence of the functional malefic planets delays the marriage while the influence of the most malefic planet delays extremely and / or deny.
  • The good position of significator planet with benefice influences will provide the native with timely and happy marriage life.  


Planetary combinations which give marriage problems

Astrological analysis of married life is done from 7th house of main birth chart and Navamsha (D-9).

Navamsha (D-9) chart is an accurate version of the main birth chart which tells everything about marriage or married life.

The 7th, 2nd and 4th house should also be analyzed while considering about the married life of a native.

As 2nd house represents family and 4th house represents domestic environment you stay there in the own house.

Seventh house of the Kundli or Horoscope (birth chart) is the house of marriage. When Sun is in the 7th house; Rahu or Ketu in the Lagna and 7th house, Mars if in the enemy house, it disturbs married life, malefic Moon also spoils married life.

Any affliction on 2nd house and its lord will affect on your family as well as relationships with a spouse.

4th house represents peaceful life in the house, in other words, any affliction to 4th house and its lord will result in disputes, spoil in house or vehicles.

Afflicted 4th house lord will takes you to live away from the house and family which against the marital bond.

Though afflicted 2nd and 4th house or their lord can affect married life, but at the same time if 7th house and its lord are strong in the chart, these afflictions don’t harm your married life because of having strong 7th house indicates your spouse will understand you better and will be co-operative in tense situations which may arise due to afflicted 2nd and 4th house.

Whereas if 2nd, 4th and 7th houses are afflicted, it is sure that several disputes will happen in married life and there will be a disharmony in the house.

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