Sun in First House of Horoscope

Sun in first house (First house is known as an ascendant in the Vedic Astrology), indicates that, the native is born in morning at Sunrise. Sun indicates authority, leadership, honor and favor from the government.

Planet that present in the first house directly affects all aspects of human life, from physical appearance to mental tendencies.

Sun in ascendant influences on natives’ father which can be good or bad depending upon the positioning of the Sun in the Chart, affliction on Sun and positioning of the 9th House and its Lord. Here Sun from the first house aspects the 7th house and influences the married life of the native (He / She). Native with Sun in the 1st house is likely to have a sense of superiority over others.

Sun in first house

Sun being a malefic planet will create problems in married life and native will not maintain a harmonious relationship with spouse. Also, its aspect on 7th house shows spouse from the different culture.

Positive impact when Sun in 1st House


  1. The influence of Sun’s energy and intensity of a person will lead to a good personality. These natives may have a strong will for power and authority.
  2. They are born leaders and can guide the society when they should not be partial with peoples or society
  3. They are also gifted with positivity, practicality and self-confidence.
  4. Besides, those having Sun in their 1st House will enjoy a lot of respect and gratitude in society. Public respect them for their leadership abilities and wisdom.

Negative Qualities or Impact:


  1. In certain situations, the natives with Sun in 1st house are likely to become arrogant and stuck-up, because of having in-to power and influence in the society.
  2. Their self-confidence may turn into over-confidence. They are in the assumption that they may think better than others.
  3. And tends to treat their subordinates improperly and creates enemies among them.
  4. Native become peculiar and self-oriented when situation goes adverse, they only concentrate on their own interests which makes them unethical and sinful, when Sun is placed in First house.