Timing of Marriage in Astrology

According to Ethics in Hindu; marriage is analyzed from various angles from astrological point of view. Marriage in the society is considered as a socio-religious activity. It is a mutual agreement between two different parties i.e. male and female for a meaningful co-existence

In general understanding this can be broadly explained as

  1. Physical well being 
  2. Mental balance 
  3. Genetically compatibility 
  4. Sexual adjustments and socio-economic status

This is why marriage the marriage system in India is by and large stable while compared with some of the western countries. 

The following are the astrological considerations while matching the horoscopes

  • The long life of the partners (male and female) 
  • The strength of 7th and 8th houses 
  • Asta-kuta Milan of two partners.

In Astrology 7th house relates to marriage/spouse, 2nd house rules family life, and 12th house relates to married life. The planet Venus is karaka i.e.: the indicator of marriage.

Timing of Marriage in Astrology

Below are some simple thumb rules to find the timing of the marriage

  1. Identify the 7th house lord, Dasha or Bukti of 7th house lord will be the tentative period of marriage for that native.
  1. See the planet occupying 7th house, the Dasha or Bukti of this planet in 7th house will be the probable period of marriage.
  1. The Dasha or Bukti of 2nd Lord might be marriage period for that native.
  1. Dasha or Bukti of a Planet occupying 2nd house is the possible phase of marriage.
  1. Identify the 12th lord, the Dasha or Bukti of this 12th lord might be marriage period for the native.
  1. The planet occupying 12th house, and its Dasha or Bukti will be the possible marriage period.
  1. Being planet Venus is the karaka of Marriage, so Dasha of Venus and Bukti of planet aspecting 7th or 2nd or 12th lord would be the best period for marriage.
  1. The Jupiter transit and aspecting the 7th house from Moon is considered as best period for marriage. 
  1. The Jupiter aspect on 12th house or 2nd house from Moon is also considered as the best time for marriage.

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