What if Horoscope seems bad?

Every birth has a purpose of life. There is not anything like bad horoscope. Sometimes certain placements may confuse us especially when there is group of planets in 6th, 8th or 12th house.

In individual’s horoscope there cannot be totally negativity, certainly there will be some positives in horoscope identify and make them strong. Work on your short comings, with divine help.

The purpose of Astrology is not making someone believe in destiny or surrender to destiny.

If there is some affliction to particular bhava [House] in horoscope then it clearly indicates that you have to work on those areas to make them better.horoscope bad

Now, the specification about what should be done for bad Horoscope, for a few reasons if you feel nothing is happening good in your life, just slow down for some while, no desires, do whatsoever work you get, may be big or small, accept anything comes as return and reward. Worship God more and more. You will notice slowly things are changing positively and your horoscope also giving good results.

Astrologer need to check the chart and know how the horoscope is really bad. Is it really bad or it has some protecting support also?

Afterward, it is important to notice where you are living now and what you are doing currently, to understand the reasons behind the problems you are facing

Once analyzed, just what a doctor does with patient, appropriate action can be suggested by the astrologer, which the native has to follow

Now the practical solution,

  1. Take full liability for your life. Find out areas of improvement and focus on it
  2. Take help of genuine Astrologer to find area of improvement as per your natal chart.
  3. Make careful efforts to change your alternatives and decisions that you are taking.
  4. Empower new choices.
  5. Moment you attempt to make new choice, your body and mind will hesitate. It will pop up message “Better if you start from tomorrow”, this is perfect catch. Once you listen to these words then, tomorrow will never come.
  6. Stick with new choices quiet sometime until it becomes habit.

Beyond a certain point, nothing can stop you from making small to medium differences in your life.

If you have a favorable horoscope, you might get lot of support from external factors; whereas if you don’t have favorable Horoscope, then you have to build the factors by your own.

The final authority that decides and makes amendments to his decision is only Almighty.

Worshiping or praying Almighty can change your fate. Sage Parashara suggested chanting or listening to Vishnu Sahasranama when you are in acute suffering due to certain planetary combinations can change the situation.