Bad Habits That Stop You From Receiving Wealth


People those who are struggling financially, almost they are living above their earnings. They spend more than what they earn, and their debt is overwhelming them. If you are interested in-to ending your economic struggle, make a habit of saving and budgeting what you spend.

Wealth is not equated with feeling of happiness. But, it allows the people to feel important, valued, respected and influential. And most importantly, it lets you to get whatever you want in your life.



Tips to attain wealth


Everyone wants to be rich or to achieve success to get rid of every problem in life. It will be surprised to know that even in our Shastras (Ancient Hindu texts) there mentioned several methods through which we can attain wealth and prosperity.

If you believe in the Shashtras, you must follow the instructions mentioned there. They are simple and normal rules and easy to follow even very effective. Even our small habits can bring in a very big difference in our financial status.

These are some small habits that could be bringing Good-luck to you

Clean washroom regularly


Many people have the habit of keeping their bathroom dirty and wet after getting the morning shower. Shashtra says, by doing so, the Moon place in your horoscope moves into a really bad position and you have to face malefic effects of Moon. So, make a habit to clean your bathroom and wipe the floor once you used it.

Don’t leave food on plate Don't leave food on plate


Second horrible habit, that some of us may have leaving something behind in a used utensil. Shashtra says we must clean our plate immediately after using them. Leaving food on the plate is also as an extremely bad habit.

Clean your plate after eating


According to Shastra if you keep the utensils without cleaning after eating, you will be under the bad control of Saturn and Moon. Whereas, if you clean the plates after eating, Goddess Maha-Lakshmi bestows you with wealth and prosperity.

Clean your bed regularlyKeep Clean your Bed


Apart from these, you should also need to keep your household clean. One must clean the bed in every morning because tidying it at night can invite bad luck. In addition, it is supposed that if you stay awaking late night, the moon in your horoscope (kundali) starts giving bad vibrations. Keeping the bed clean and clear is the smart way to attract superior fortune. As per Shastras and Vedas, always keep your footwear outside the house.

Habits that stop receiving wealth Spitting at wrong places


Avoid spiting anywhere. Spitting in wrong places may bring bad luck. Goddess Mahalaxmi will angry if you keep your surroundings dirty. [Cleanliness is Godliness]



Sweeping after sunset


Sweeping after sunset is considered inauspicious. According to the Shashtras, sweeping after sunset means you are cleaning happiness and good luck from your house.