Ethics in Temple

According to Ethics in Hindu it is undoubtedly supposed that God is the supreme authority of this Universe. And temples are supposed to be dwelling place of this God / Goddess.

Temples are meant for Spiritual activities; by worshiping in the temple we can establish the relationship with the Devin power.   


To have an abundance of blessing we must follow some Ethics enlisted below.  



Kankaleshwar Temple Beed

Beautiful Kankaleshwar Temple Beed

  • Always visit the Temples with clean physique. Wash your Arms and Legs before entering the Temple.
  • Always try to wear traditional Clothing and avoid too much Jewelry
  • Keep Silence in the Temple and whole heatedly respect the Temple ethnicity.
  • Firmly stay away from Non-vegetarian food and intake of Alcohol before visiting the Temple.
  • Never Smoke inside the Temple building
  • The Teerth Prasadam should be honored with due respect and not to be thrown anywhere in the temple
  • Spitting or being an irritant in the temple premises is strictly avoided.
  • Women should never visit the Temple during their four days
  • Always Keep the temple clean and wherever possible help in cleaning the Temple area.
  • Do not motivate or take part in Quarreling, Gossiping or any kind of violent behavior in the Temple.
  • Never visit the Temple soon after if the Birth or Death happened in the family.
  • Only think about the God and nothing else in the Temple.
  • Keep away from using “Silence Disturbers” Mobiles in the Temple premises
  • Respect with due honor of sacred sentiments of co-pilgrims in the Temple.
  • Your feet should never point toward the God, they are rather folded.