Happy and Sad

As a human being everyone wants to have a Life with happiness and wants to escape from Sadness forever in his lifespan. However it is not a matter-of-fact to be happens in reality.

Happiness will leave and Sadness will come in to the life, in fact the happy or sorrow is the outcome of our own karmas [deeds], that we done in the past.  But amazingly the person appreciates himself for the happiness and for sadness held’s accountable else one. Sorrow is the fruits of your own Sin full acts [bad karmas], whereas the Happiness is the outcome of good karmas (puny).  Every person has to undergo good or bad results according their past karmas.  Somewhere we see that several peoples are enjoying the happiness, though they are involved in bad karmas in their life. 


The reason is every person has to undergo the results of good or bad karmas depending on maturity of that specific Karma or result giving capacity of that particular action, let us assume this as 100 years. But as if the life span of that person would be only 60 years. So he can’t undergo the bad result of that karma in this life, so he will only enjoy the happiness in this life, though he commits bad karmas (sin full acts) in current life.

In spite of performing good things or Karma in this life time, every person has to face the outcomes of their Sanchit karmas.

Generally this situation regarding results of past karmas (past life) with present life could not get understand and the person get confused.

The confusion is why we should observe the result of the past karmas in this present life. The answer is it’s mandatory that every person has to observe the results [Fruits] of his karmas either happy or sad in this life and in future life also until that Sanchit karma get cleared.

While enjoying the happy time period, the count of good karmas will reduce, and when enjoying the sad phase, the Count of bad karma decreases.

Happy and Sad

It is the fact while enjoying the happiness the people become disrespectful, proudly and insult others. These are the acts; which decreases the good karma virtue count and in fact when this Count of Good Karmas clears that person has to experience the result of his bad karmas.

The universal truth is while observing the “Sad period” the person will automatically becomes polite, respect full to others and that reduces the Count of Sins will later on observe or enjoy the good virtue.

This is the Law of Karma why someone enjoy the good virtue or Happiness or Sadness

After all its you’re the person who increase the Count of good virtue by adhering a good behavior in a polite manner, conduct yourself according with nature,  don’t worry about sad phase, wait with calmness for fine moment to arrive. Worship your preferred “GOD” more and more.

“Remembrance of God” [NaamSmaran] is the most exceptional way to increase the good karma count in this “Kaliyuga” to have happiness in life