Mangal Shanti Puja , BhaatPujan Ujjain


Hindu devotees worship in the Mangalnath Temple for Mangal Dosh Shanti Puja, because this is the birth place of Planet Mars. As per ancient Hindu dharma texture here present an ancient Shiva lingam, the symbolic presence of Lord Shiva. Mangalnath temple, Ujjain, is the only Temple in the world where “Bhaatpujan” has been performed. By performing “Bhathpujan” all the problems will get removed related to Planet Mangal.

Mangalnath temple (Mandir) is located away from the township and may be reached through a winding road.

According to the “Matsya Purana” Mangalnath here is regarded as the creation place of Mars. In historical occasions, it had been well-known for a clear view of a planet and so appropriate for astronomical studies. Mahadev or Shiva is the deity here and is worshiped in the form of Mangalnath

This is the only Temple of Planet Mangal, situated in Ujjain, M P, India, where the rays of planet Mangal directly falls on Swayambhu Mangalnath Shivlinga, which is situated on the Kark Vrita [कर्क रेखा] line. {In the Kshipra Nadi [River]} It is believed that, by worshiping here the bad effects of Mangal Dosha get removed. [यहॉ पर पूजन, अभिषेक, जाप व दर्शन से मंगलदोष का निवारण होता है।]

Mangal-Dosh KundliDosha

According to Astrology or Jyotishshastra if planet Mangal is placed in the First, Fourth, Seventh, Eighth and Twelfth house in the Horoscope [Janmakundali] then that person is called Mangalik, Or Mangal Dosh is present in that Kundli. In this situation he or she has to suffer from several problems including delay in the marriage.

In fact, it is not Mangal Dosh but it is called Sumanglik dosha, means which creates problems in auspicious events like Marriage.

In other words, this dosha creates hurdles in auspicious or good work in married life and can be considered as a major problem in married life. A girl is considered to be a Mangalik, if the Mars is placed either in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house in her horoscope.  

married lifeAn ill effect of Mangaldosha includes sickness, shorter life span, dispute in Married life, delay in child birth, not getting Success in Political field, administrative filed as well as in Real Estate business and many more.

Mangalshanti is the only solution of all these problems. Mangalshanti pujan is performed here only in Mangalnath Temple; the Bhatpujan is the method of performing Mangalshanty Pujan.


The BhaatPujan  

For removing the Mangaldosha one has to perform Ganeshgauri pujan, Mangal kalash pujan, Panchamrut pujan, Navagrah pujan and Bhatpujan [Dahibhat pujan] here in the Mangalnath Temple.

The Bhaat Pujan ceremony is performed in Ujjain only. By performing this Puja one can Get relief from the evil effects of Planet Mangal and increases Good effects.

Nav Grah and Bhat pujan

Mars (mangal) is not the only planet in Vedic Astrology that is supposed to affect the relationship and these effects can be seen in a broader perspective of overall astrological compatibility. When Mangal is in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house of the Janmkundli these Janmkundli are called Mangalik Janmkundli and who posses these Janmkundli called Mangalik.Bhaat-Pujan in Ujjain


This process includes “Ganesh Gauri Pujan, Navgraha PUjan, Kalash Pujan, and Abhisheka to Shivlinga using Panchmrit” with a Vedic Mantrocharana. After that Shivlinga is covered with Dahi Bhaat [Cooked Rice and Curd] then Aarti is performed.


Bhaat Pujan is the effective ceremony to get relief from Bad effects of Planet “Mangal” [भात पूजा मंगल दोष निवारण का प्रभावी एवं त्वरित उपाय है !]

If any one of you is Manglik, Contact us for performing this Puja in Ujjain