Shani Transit 2014 and Their Effects

On 2nd November 2014 Saturn is entered in Scorpio leaving the Zodiac Sign Libra. Each Moon Sign shall abide with different results due to this major planetary transit along with each individual Kundali.  

Astrological Significance

The planet Saturn is supposed to be Judge in the planetary system as per Vedic and Western Astrology. Astrological events like Shani Sadhe Sathi (Seven and Half Years cycle of Saturn in a Rashi) are greatly misunderstood and feared. The fact is Shani is not to be feared so much and certainly not all the time. The Shani is slow-moving planet and known to slow down your things, force to restrictions and bring about struggle. Saturn is strict in discipline and responsible for Karmic balancing and makes fine tuning, affirms the scriptures.

That is why Saturn’s Seven and Half years cycle [Sadhe Sathi] comes in everyone’s life, at least once.

During this period things will go slow down, Life changing transformation can happens and the person and his / her personality get renewed. Thus, instead of living in frightened or confused, it’s better to get clarity and face the situation with confidence and preparation.

Astrology-Moon - Signs

By knowing the impact of Shani transit on Moon signs one can get the better results and can take advantage of this Sadhe Sathi period.

Aries [Mesha]

  • Shani [Saturn] is in the 8th House from your Moon Sign, this is known as Shani Dhaiya / Small Panoti.
  • You have to struggle on financial front. This transit slows down your speed of work.
  • Avoid unnecessary travelling and buying a property during Shani Sadhe sathi period.
  • Keep away from eating of Non-vegetarian food and consuming Alcohol in this phase of your life.
  • Worshipping God Shani and Hanuman during this period shall provide you the better results.

Taurus [Vrishab]

  • Shani [Saturn] will travel in the 7th House from your Sign, which responsible for marital life and partnerships, also significant for your public life.
  • There may likely to be controversy with other half and disharmony with business partner.
  • So you have to be patient and well-organized during this time.
  • Moreover, those who are active in public life should be extra careful; otherwise misunderstandings may lead to create obstruction in their public life.
  • You will experience the Growth and success with some positive help from unexpected sources.
  • However, be cautious there may be possibilities of troubles in the marital life in this phase of your life.

Gemini [Mithun]

  • Shani [Saturn] will transit in the 6th House from your Moon Sign.
  • This House is related to disease, enemy, debt and job. And so, you have to undergo frequently health problems; and have to face troubles from hidden enemies.
  • Further, you will easily get loans from the people around you.
  • However, you have already taken a loan, are in debt, you will probably face problems in repayment.
  • Moreover, due to Shani transit, you will not get cooperation from your colleagues and you might have to face obstacle in your workplace.
  • Thus, worshipping Lord Shiva shall be beneficial during this period.
  • Seeking blessings of your mother shall bring in positive results.

Cancer [Kark]

  • Shani [Saturn] will travel through the 5th House from your Moon Sign.
  • Being Jupiter in supportive role, [Shani] Saturn’s transit might less harmful for your Sign.
  • On the other hand, due to Saturn’s negative effect, Cancerian students may not achieve well what they desire, in spite of working hard.
  • Moreover, those who are in share market are advised to go on, after consulting an expert astrologer.
  • Offer raw milk with sesame seeds on Shivling every Monday for growth and success.

Leo [Simha]

  • Saturn [Shani] is in the 4th House from your Moon Sign, which are Saturn’s Dhaiya / Small Panoti.
  • This situation is allied with happiness, heart, mother and motherland, movable and immovable assets.
  • Because of this Shani transit, you may feel anxious, depressed, maybe dull and sad.
  • Furthermore, you may feel something is missing from your life.
  • This will further reflect in transfers or sudden job changes.
  • Your hard work will bring you good returns as the transit period progresses.  Remember that Extreme hard work is the key to success
  • You should offer Raw milk to a Sphatik / Crystal Shivlinga regularly to feel better.

Virgo [Kanya]

  • Shani [Saturn] will travel through the 3rd House from your Moon Sign
  • Third house interrelated to brothers, sisters, friends, relatives, relations, short travels, adventure and achievements.
  • You overcome the affect of Shani Sadhe Sathi and Shani brings you a lot of relief and happiness.
  • This elevates your status along with the time progresses.
  • Also your own efforts boost of progress in your life. Luck turns in your favor and you will become spiritual more and more.
  • Due to Saturn transit, some differences of opinion with brothers and sisters may be happens.
  • You should cautious about involving in only well-calculated risks in new ventures and projects.
  • Those who are related with the law or legal profession, or who enters into a legal agreement during this period should be extra cautious.
  • Reading Durgasaptshati on Wednesday evening will give you better results.

Libra [Tula]

  • Saturn is travelling in the 2nd House from your Moon Sign.
  • This House is related to wealth, money matters, profits, material achievements along with the family matters.
  • This is the last phase of your Shani Sadhe Sathi. You have to undergo some financial difficulties during this period.
  • You should, therefore, make donations and worship Shree Shani Maharaj to achieve extraordinary results. Besides you should maintain cordial relations with your family members.
  • Going to Hanuman temple everyday will create shield and benefice energies around you.

Scorpio [Vrischik]    Shani-Transit 2014

  • Saturn is travelling through your own Moon Sign
  • Being Second phase of Sadhe Sathi  you may feel anxious, exhausted emotionally and physically during this period, as Saturn weakens the Moon in Natal chart.
  • Professional life will ultimately good initially, but  there will be a lot of confusion in this face.
  • You are in Second phase of Shani Sadhe Sathi, that’s why you should make donations to the needy people, and essentially worship Saturn /Shani regularly.
  • Reading Sunderkaand on Tuesdays and Saturdays will extremely favorable.

Sagittarius [Dhanu]

  • Saturn will transit in the 12th House means the house of Losses.
  • This is the first phase of Shani Sadhe Sati, which might be unfavorable. This will create a lot of stress and anxieties in the life.
  • On the other hand, you will turn in to a lot of Spirituality during this time.
  • Hence you should immediately start worshiping Shani Maharaj to please Lord Shani.
  • Moreover, the governing planet of your Sign, Jupiter is also in an adverse position in the 8th House from your Sign.
  • Consequently, your financial liabilities will at increasing level during this period.

Capricorn [Makar]

  • Saturn is travelling in the 11th house from your Moon Sign which is also the House of Gains.
  • This could cause some difference of opinion with your friends. But Friends and family will support you in your endeavours.
  • The students pursuing higher studies might experience lethargic.
  • Also, those who desire to conceive the child may cautious during this period.

Aquarius [Kumbh]

  • Saturn will transit through 10th House from your Moon Sign, which is house of Karma.
  • This house also related to profession, father, career, beauty and status.
  • This is a tough time for you to handle.
  • This situation may create obstacles in your professional growth, or may slow down pace of work on the career face.
  • You should not start any new work or business, and still continue with patience in the current profession.
  • You may face differences in opinion with your father.
  • Further, those are in government work, or holding a higher post, may not get due recognition or feel in disfavor.
  • So recite Hanuman Chalisa and worship God Hanuman during this period.
  • Offer mustard oil at the roots of Peepal tree. Donating kheer in Shiva temple on Monday will also beneficial.

Pisces [Meen]

  • Shani [Saturn] will transit through the 9th House, from your Moon Sign
  • This is the House of Fortune. Hence, you may feel that in spite of working tough, the stars are not helpful.
  • Consequently, you may get sadden. Thus, offer Prasad to [Saturn] Shani Yantra, and also feed to the cow with your own hands, Lord Shani will surely improve your fate.
  • Religious travels will definitely bring the positive improvements whatever you desire
  • Pour rice Kheer on Shivling on Mondays.
  • Donate religious books and yellow clothes to an elderly priest.