Why Kundli Matching is Important

What is “GUN MILAN”


Gun Milan is an ancient 8-fold Vedic examination of Kundli Matching or horoscope matching between a Boy and Girls’ for marriage potential based only on the placement of planet Moon. … More than the Gun Milan is important in getting the complete horoscopes matching.

Reasons Why Kundli Matching is Important

Marriage is an event in the lives of two persons with their families. This beautiful event ties two souls, together for lifetime and forever.

It is a new start up for which every boy and girl waits since they enter into an age somewhere they feel ready for this commitment.

In Hinduism various rituals are take place before a marriage. Many families while they deciding for marriage of their children use to match their birth charts, to check whether their Horoscopes are compatible to each other or not.

So what does this Kundli matching mean? Is it truly important?Kundli Milan

Astrology contains a detailed explanation about a person’s married life and why Kundli matching is important for them.

How Compatible Are the Two Souls

One major concern why kundli are matched before marriage is to understand how boy and girl are compatible to each other.

In Astrology, there are 36 Gunas which are matched to conclude how compatible the two marriageable persons are and how they will affluent their future-life. If it scores 18 + then it deemed fine, and below that, the marriage is not recommended.

These Gunas boast different points and each point indicates a different aspect of living.

These Gunas also indicates how their individual stars will affect each other.

By matching Kundlis we can also specify marital harmony.

Financial Stability and Career Prospects

When two people come together in the holy relationship called marriage, on this movement of their planets also affects their lives, along with each other’s lives. Bhakoot, the seventh guna of the eight parameters indicates this effect. By matching kundlis, one can find out financial stability as well as Job projection also.

Kundali Matching

Compatibility in Offspring

One major concern which looked through Kundli matching is the happiness and health of children.

Naadi, the eighth “Guna” which carries the maximum points in matchmaking, indicates the chances of childbirth or the troubles arising about it, if any.

In our culture a family is measured complete only after a Child birth, parents are very particular to safe this pleasure for their children after marriage.

In astrology, there are 27 Nakshatras, 12 Rashis and 9 planets (including Rahu – Ketu) and they also hold some significations when it comes about marriage.

If Mars are afflicted then sexual compatibility of the native may suffers.

If Venus is weak then most likely the partner will not be reliable and so on. (These are just examples; we can conclude after study of chart thoroughly)

 “Gun Milan” parameters:

  1. Varna: This also shows the personal egos of the partners and compatibility between their egos. As per Vedic astrology, Varna is matching of the details of castes
  2. Vasya: Denote the power of attraction, the power of equation between the partners. It also reflects who will be more leading in the relationship.
  3. Tara, the calculation of which describes the longevity of the partner: This test indicates the health, well-being and compatibility of the partners after marriage. Vedic Astrology rates the inter-relationship auspicious or inauspicious. This test rates the relationship of the birth stars as seems in each partner’s birth chart.
  1. Yoni describes the nature and characteristics of the person: This test shows sexual and biological compatibility, as well as mutual love and sexual inclinations of the partners reflecting attraction, love and Sexual joy.For this test, the relationship between the “Nakshatra” in the two Birth charts are compared
  2. Graha Maitri, depicts natural friendship between the two: It shows progeny prospects, mental qualities and mutual love between the partners. This can be termed as “Man Ka Milan”
  3. Gan, helps to understand the mental compatibility between the two: This shows the nature of the two different persons in everyday level, and indicates the compatibility of character and mutual behavior, for happiness and prosperity in their lives.

These are three in categories

          Devata: This represents a person who is more spiritual than materialistic.

          Manushya: This indicates person’s balance among the spiritual and materialistic life.

          Rakshasa: This represents a person who is more materialistic than spirituality 

  1. Bhakoot: calculation denotes the influence each has on the other: This test is a crucial test to check overall prosperity, growth of family, family welfare and economic prosperity after marriage.For this test, the compatibility between the Zodiac Moon Signs is compared by checking the angles shaped by these signs in the two charts.
  2. Nadi: shows the health and happiness of children: This test shows the pulse and nervous power indicating the physiological and genetics factor. This test also measures the genetic compatibility between the couple to create a healthy offspring in married life.

For this test, life forces are categorized as follows:




As per astrology to decide the successful married life, Bhav Milan of both the charts is also important.

Bhav Milan is simply the matching of 12 houses of boy with 12 houses of the girl. These houses cover up all aspects of life and those who are spending their life together.

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