Amavasya Dates in Year 2014

Amavasya is Indian name for the No Moon day. It is the darkest day of the Hindu Lunar Month. People often worship their ancestors by performing Shraddha and Tarpan rituals on this day. Some others also observe fast on this day. Dewali festivals are observed on this day.Amavasya in 2014







Here is the list of Amavasya dates in the year 2014.  New (No) Moon days in 2014. These are according IST and variation may be there by day to the other locations. These are Listed according to Hindu Lunar Months.


Hindu Month

Week Day



29th April 2014

Chaitra Tuesday

Chaitra  Amavasya


28th May 2014

Vaishakha Wednesday

Vaishakha Amavasya


27th June 2014

Jaishta Friday

Jaishta  Amavasya


26th July 2014

Ashadha Saturday  Ashadha  Amavasya

Its “ Gattari” in Maharashtra

25th August 2014

Shravan  Monday Shravan Amavasya

“Pola” in Maharshtra

24th September 2014

Bhadrapada Wednesday Bhadrapada  Amavasya 

“ Sarvpitri” Amavasya

23rd October 2014

Aswin Thursday Aswin  Amavasya

Dewali Festival

22nd November 2014

Kartik Saturday Kartik  Amavasya  

22nd December 2014

Margshirsha Monday

Margshirsha  Amavasya


01st January 2014

Margshirsha 2013 Wednesday

Margshirsha 2013 Amavasya


30th January 2014

Paush Thursday

Paush  Amavasya


01st March 2014

Magh Saturday

Magh  Amavasya


30th March 2014

Phalgun  Sunday Phalgun  Amavasya

Gudi Padwa, Ugadi Amavasya