How to worship on Akshay Tritiya

According to Ethics in Hindu Akshay Tritiya is a very auspicious moment [Muhurat] to worship the God and to start any new venture. This Hindu festival is also important to worship and offer a food to our ancestors. The worshiper will accumulate the Akshay [Never Ending] Virtuous [punya] in his fate. (Brings in complete happiness and lavishness life)  

The scriptures urge a rite to the ancestors (Shraddha) without using the rice balls (Pinda) if possible, or at-least an offering of sesame seeds.   


Plant Flower and Fruit plants:  It is supposed that if someone plants a fruit or flower plant on this fortunate day of ‘Akshay Tritiya’ in return he will gets plentiful yield of fruits and flowers.

Worship  ‘Vaibhav-Lakshmi’ with Shri Maha Vishnu, on “Akshay Tritiya” :On the day of ‘Akshay Tritiya’, the responsible person who take care of  family [subjects] should perform ‘puja’, of goddess “Mahalakshmi” devotionlly, to the picture of ‘Vaibhav-Lakshmi’ with Shri Vishnu as this makes the person happy and prosperous.God-Vishnu_Shri_Lakshmi

We will not get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, if Shri Vishnu is not invited with her, because the Lakshmi is the Divine energy (shakti) of Shri Vishnu. So before worshipping Shri Lakshmi in any forms, initialy request Shri Vishnu and then invite Shri Lakshmi, so that worshipper gets maximum benefit of Lakshmi-tattva (Principle).                                                  

A persons debts towards God and Ancestors will reduce to some extent when they does ‘Til Tarpan’ (offering of sesame and water) to Deities and ancestors. Due to the diffusion of ‘sattvikta (Pre-dominance of ‘Sattva’ component)’ on Akshay Tritiya, one feels excellent to the extent of 60 to 70 % and suffering due to unhappy ancestors up to 30-40%. In this way, ‘Til Tarpan’ on Akshay Tritiya will reduce the person’s debt towards God and Ancestors to a certain extent. When  ‘Til Tarpan’ is performed sincerely, honestly and with ‘dedicated bhav’, deity and ancestors certainly become happy and bless him with religious progress and wealth abundance.

Importance offerings on Akshay Tritiya

When an offering made to deserving person (Satpaatre Daan). Those benefit in spiritual progress and will goes to a higher area than heaven: Making offerings is a virtuous act [PuyaKarma].

The offering made on Akshay Tritiya never wanes; in fact, one gets more benefit out of the offering made on Akshay Tritiya. As lot of virtues will accumulates in person’s fate. The sins committed in his previous births also reduce and his Virtues [Puya] will increase and these Puny karma helps the “Jeevatma” (embodied soul)’ to get in Salvation.Umbrella Akshya Tritiya Donation

So make an offering to a deserving person (Satpaatre Daan). Here, ‘satpaatre daan’ means offering made to activities involved in spiritual spread out [ Dhrma Prasar]  and in the protection of the Nation and Dharma [ Dhrma Sanrakshna] also.

Do other activities like: Donate Sugar, Gud, Ghee, Fruits, and cloths to needy people and give Dakshina to Brahman. Offer food to Brahman. 

Articles like an Umbrella, Slippers pairs, a White towel etc….! which protects us from the Sun should be donated to the needy people as Charity in memory of ancestors on this day.