Palaj Ganesh Festival

Palaj a small village located on last border of Nanded dist. Maharashtra.
Very nearby to Telangana State. Local structure of Palaj is a sincere with hard workers of people.

In this village about 69 yrs back so called infectious disease “Plaig” were spread over.

Villagers were so afraid of the disease. People gathered and decided to celebrate the “Ganpati Utsav” to get rid form the “Plaig”.

The then Personality Mr. Gangadhar Chatlawar, popular with nickname “Shetti Saheb” was the person who Inspired for beginning of “Ganpati Utsav”.

They went to a nearby place Nirmal in Telangana. Purchased a Ganpati Murthy (idol) which was made from “Wood”.

The crater don’t knows that he was going to create a history in coming years in the small village PALAJ. Thus Ganapati Murthy was installed. The Then personality Mr. Jallanna Chatlawar offered a Place for this Utsav. The Festival took place over Eleven (11) days.


Rajeppa Chinnappa Udharwar a famous carpenter of the Palaj village made Ganapthi’s “Palakhi” on which Ganesh sits or ride-over for the [Mirvanuk] Procession. [Now this Palkhi is also moved away]

Older peoples from villagers who brought this “Ganesh Murthy” from Nirmal were Chatlawar Gangadhar (Shetti Saheb), Komat Pullyya, Sarkelwar Chinanna, Gurjal Lachamnna, Mangal Rajalingu, Sakal Muthenna, etc. [Unfortunately they all are passed away]

Its a miracle, the spread over of life threatening “plaig” was suddenly stopped.

The innocent villagers, thought this was due to the Idol of Ganapati. The villagers were not ready to “Dissolution [Visergen]” of idol. They want to keep the idol forever in the village for their protection. Thus the present Murthy of Ganapati came into existence. This is the history of “Ganapati Utsav” which has completed 69 years.

This Year Ganpati Festival is celebrated during 17 September to 27 September 2015



In the year 2001, there was a massive shortage of drinking water in this PALAJ village. Villagers have to palaj-bore-wellsearch for water in far away areas.

Mostly water from the Bore wells in Agri lands, were have to be used for drinking water.

Most of the people were suffering for Deficit in Drinking Water. Villagers have decided to Dugg a Bore well nearby to this Ganpati Mandir (Temple).

It’s a Great miracle or the Trust of Villagers, that an Outflow (Karanja, Fountain or Self Pouring of water) of water came from Bore well.

Without using any lifting system (electric motor) water was coming about 2 feet above the ground level. And the thrust for the water ended by the Blessings Shower of Ganpati, the faith converted into Devotion. Still that Bore Well exists and is Pouring water constantly.

Putra Santanam 

Many people from this Panchkroshi, came here and gets their wishes fulfilled from Ganpati.

Most of the childless people get their wishes full-filed by  “PUTRA SANTHAMAM”. People offer here a Will (Mudupu) for request of their Wish, After getting Fulfilled in their Wishes (Desires) they put on their offerings and open their Mudupu; with Cheers and Tears in their Eyes (Anandashru).Putra Santanam

These requests are generally For Marriages, Putra Santhanam, Highier Studies, Construction of New House, Perches of Agril Land etc.

I know one person; Mr. Deva (Name changed) has offered a Mudupu, within a period One year he is blessed with a Putra Santhanam (Son) by This Ganpati. (Real Name of that boy is Sri Narayan)


During this entire festival period of 11 days (Ganesh Chaturthi to Anant Chathurdashi) almost 10 to 20 Thousands of devotees visiting this temple.

Temple Sansthanam is distributing a Prasadam in the form of “Phulihora” Tamarind Rice, (Khichadi) to these pilgrims. (Daily 10 to 15 Quintal of Rice is cooked for Phulihora)pulihora

In a Darshan “Q” drinking water facility is also made available to the devotees. These all arrangements are made by all peoples from village PALAJ.

All the people from Palaj do this work as worship to their beloved God “Ganpati”

Laddu Prasadam

Laddu PrasadDuring this entire festival period of 11 days a Laddu Prasadam is also made available just @ 5 Rs.
Volunteers from PALAJ village keep up-to-date maintenance of all facilities like, Parking of vehicles, Drinking Water Supply, Distribution of Phulihora Prasadam, Laddu Prasadam, Information center about Missing Child and Elders also.

During this entire festival period, Non-Veg food is totally avoided in the Palaj Village. Mostly about 70 to 75 % of youths even females also On Fasting for 11 Days. They break this fast on Ananth Chathurdashi, after taking the Murthi (Idol) out from the Temple for a Procession.


After a spontaneous celebration of 10 day Gansh festival, A Visarjan function starts on 11 day on “Anant Chaturdhashi”

Early in the Morning at 5 O’Clock a Kakad AARTI is performed.

Around 9 O’Clock morning the Naivadhyam is offered to all “Gram Devata”

Mahaprasad is then Started with using almost 90 to 100 Quintals of Rice with a Nice Daal [Sambar]. It will continues up-to Next day

Palaj Ganapati

At 2 PM the procession will starts, which continues about 25–30 hours.

On the procession way a coconut is offered to Ganpati on each and every doorstep.

The Villagers from Palaj Village, where-ever they are settled will came to Palaj to be a part of this celebration with a great enthusiastic love on their God.

On the River shore the Last AARTI is performed.

The small Idol of Ganpati is immersed in the River.

The Main Idol is covered up with a Shawl.

Brings back the Idol and Kept in Cupboard in the Temple.

Palaj Ganpati is famous as Wish full-filler [Navsala Pavnara Ganpati], so people from Telangana, Andhara Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra came here with lot of devotion.