Purnima Dates in Year 2014

Gur Purnima 







Purnima or Full moon dates in Year 2014, are based on the traditional Hindu calendar followed in India. Poornama  is the full moon day in Hindu Lunar Calendar. The Pornima marks the end of the month in Hinduism and considered as highly Auspicious for Hindu rituals. Purnima fasting and Satyanarayan Puja are usually performed either on Purnima day or one day before depending upon the starting time of Poornima Tithi on previous day. Usually in Hinduism the Tithi at Sunrise is treated as Tithi for that day. So performing any rituals according to that is auspicious.

In South India, the Pornami Vratam is also performed which dedicated to Devi, or Mother Goddess.

Purnima / Pornima Dates in the Year 2014


Date Month Week Day Purnima / Pornima Significance
15th April 2014  Chaitra Tuesday Chaitra Purnima  Hanuman Jayanti
14th May 2014 Vaishakha Wednesday Vaishakha Purnima Budha Purnima
13th June 2014 Jyaishta Friday Jyaishta Purnima Vatsavitri Pornima in Maharashtra
12th July 2014 Ashadha Saturday Ashadha Purnima Guru Purnima
10th August 2014  Shravana Sunday  Shravana Purnima Raksha Bandhan Festival
9th September 2014 Bhadrapada Tuesday Bhadrapada Purnima  
8th October 2014 Ashwin Wednesday Ashwin Purnima Kojagiri Pornima in Maharashtra. Kartik Snanarambh
6th November 2014 Kartik Thursday Kartik Purnima Guru Nanak Jayanti. Kartik Snan Samapti
6th December 2014 Margashirsha Saturday Margashirsha Purnima Shri Datta Jayanthi
16th January 2014 Paush Thursday Paush Purnima  
14th February 2014 Magha Friday Magha Purnima  
16th March 2014, Sunday Phalguna Sunday Phalguna Purnima Holi Festival