Astrology, Planets and Diseases

The Sun, Moon and Ascendants are the three vitals positions in the birth chart; if all these three are in strong position, then it signify healthy and longevity. 

If a planet is in benefic house and receives beneficial aspects, it certainly promotes longevity whereas if it is malefic with good aspects, even then good life is indicated.

A Good Health is more valued than that of wealth because it enables you to enjoy the life and work hard to achieve your goals.

Whereas the mental health is more vital to have a peaceful life

The 6th house denotes sickness; thus the planet in 6th house and the sign in the 6th house and its lord show the nature of the ailments.

According to Astrology the 8th house, with planet therein, and the aspects on 8th house, and the cuspal degree of the 8th house determines the nature of the disease and its complications which may leads to uncertainty at the end.

When Moon is afflicted


Moon the vital planet which rules the mind.Astrology Planets and Diseases

  • If Moon is afflicted with Saturn it leads to mental depression, cruel speech with bad habits  
  • If Moon is afflicted by Mars, it causes infertility, menstrual problems in women, violent nature and madness.
  • If Moon is afflicted by Sun, it causes mental sickness, failure in taking the decision and no self-confidence.
  • If Moon is afflicted by the shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu, it detaches the native from the society and social world.