Dreams are supposed to be mirrors of our mind, especially our subconscious mind. Our dream tells us about our deep rooted wish for money and prosperity, as well as our distaste to poverty.

So what is the meaning of a dream?

Shall we think or Get dreams as a message from God or our Ancestors?

Is our subconscious mind telling us about something while we are in sleep?


How can we make use of Dreams?

Dreams are the stories that we experienced while we are in sleep, consisting a mix presentation of real and false details. Many people believe that, dreams are messages from Gods, and others may think that dreams are the persuasion from the devil.Money in Dream

Dreams are mostly of random thoughts and strong memories we have in the past.

We remember the dreams which appear just before the wake up and Dreams of long before we wake up are often forgotten.


  • Dream about finding money indicates your problems will soon disappear and you will enjoy happiness. It also indicates about some Changes will follow.
  • Saving money in dream is a good omen. If you dream about giving money, there may be a misfortune.
  • And you are stealing money in dream indicates some hazard may come to you. 
  • The dreamer if find himself spending his money unwisely and living beyond his earnings, then it should be a dream of caution about something.


  • Gold coins in your dream symbolize prosperity. Whereas Dreaming about silver coins predicts trouble is coming in your way.
  • Copper coins dream indicates about physical difficulties in your way.Gold in Dreams


  • If you receive the Gold in your dream, the money will come to you in near future.
  • A woman dream about receiving jewellery, she will soon marry into a wealthy family. Dream about wearing sparking jewellery, it is a good omen. Whereas that jewellery if broken, your destination may be delayed.
  • If you dream about losing gold, one of your finest opportunity will going slip away from you.
  • You are wearing Golden ring in Dream, denotes your new enterprises will run successfully.
  • While broken ring, forecast about quarrels and misery in the married life, and may be separation in lovers.


  • Dreaming about richness is a good prophecy and indicates you will grow wealth though your hard work.

Silver:Meaning of Dreams

  • If you find a silver coin in your Dream, you are judgemental of other people and prompt in making decision. And dreaming about wearing silverware, you are unhappy with your current projects.


  • If you dream about yellow clothing, it indicates you are in good financial status. But if the yellow clothing is in vanishing light, it could be reverse.