Mangal Dosh

What is Mangal Dosh?


According to Indian Astrology, When the planet Mars (Mangal) is placed in either of Ascendant ( First House), House of  peace and happiness (Fourth house), House of wedding (Seventh House), House of longevity (Eighth House) or house of expenses (Twelfth House) then  Mangal Dosh (Manglik) or Kuja Dosh is said to be happen in the Horoscope of that Native

Mangal dosh is much discussed topic in Indian society. Analysis of manglik dosha is the essential part in horoscope or Kundli matching before marriage in Hindu tradition. While matching kundli, Even  matching all other aspects of horoscope and if there is a Manglik mismatch between that prospective bride and groom, that marriage will be considered unfortunate.


Effects of Manglik dosha: Mangal Dosh


  1. Excessive delay in marriage of Native
  2. Married life problems with disputes and Misunderstandings
  3. Mismatch in thoughts with outcome in Divorce
  4. May be Death of spouse



Apart from these effects of marriage, Mangal dosh cause likely to be late in following other important aspects of life of that native.

  1. Education and Career
  2. Start of Business / profession
  3. Progress in career
  4. Child birth 

Manglik Dosha Remedies


Kumbh-Vivah- Manglik Remedy Manglik has to go through Kumbha Vivah, and Ashwatha Vivah. Meaning of Ashwatha vivaha is to marriage with Peepal or Banana tree and cut that tree after marriage. Kumbha Vivah, also called Ghata Vivah means marriage with a pot and to break the pot after marriage.

To eliminate the manglik dosh the Indian astrology prescribes that, one Manglik if get married with another Manglik, then this dosh will stand automatically nullified.

The Indian Mystical text “The Lal Kitab” provides several remedies to minimize the negative and malefic effect of Manglik dosh. 




There are 6 specific remedies for each of the 6 houses  where the presence of Maars said to creates the  Manglik dosha.

If a mars  in the 1st   house:

Take a Mitti Ki Surahi  (this is an earthen pot having a lid; normally used to store water), fill it with Honey, and bury it in a remote and away from  unpopulated place.

If a mars  in the  4th   house:

Placing Empty Sugar Sacks [empty sacks used to pack the sugar] on the terrace of your house will help in neutralizing the Manglik Dosha.

If a mars  in the  7th   house

Repeatedly breaking a Mud Wall [wall built with raw and unprocessed mud] will reduce the Manglik Effects, as recommended in the Lal Kitab.

If a mars  in the  8th   house

Then heat a Tawa (which is used for making roti) and then remove it from the fire and sprinkle with drops of water over it, make it cool. Do these remedy lots of times as you can.



  • Wear Silver Ring in the left hand and distributing Mithai (Sweet) is said to be helpful.
  • Keep fast every Tuesday starting with new month in a rising moon.
  • Perform Mahamrityunjaya mantra japa
  • Perform Sunder Kand Parayan (Tulsi Ramcharitmanas)  for the period of 40 days beginning on Tuesday
  • Recite every day the Gayatri Mantra 108 times.
  • Donate red cloth to the workers in the Iron Items
  • Perform Hanumant Sadhana using triangular mangal yantra and mangal stotra.
  • Keep orange colored idol of Lord Ganesha in puja  room and worship it daily.

The bad effects of Mangal Dosh can be nullified using astrological remedies which generally include performing the  pooja, chanting mantras and wearing Gemstones. A special pooja is performed in the Mangal Nath temple, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh It is important to know the level of Mangal dosha in order to come up with the right remedies with the help of your true guide and or an expert Vedic astrologer.