Pitra – Pitra Dosh – Meaning and Concept

Pitra” means our ancestors or forefathers who are dead. Pitra are positioned in between God and Us. By worshiping  our pitra we can make God happy, at the same time if we don’t make “Pitra’s” happy then  God will unhappy. Pitra are very powerful and believe to be God for us.

If your “Pitra’s” are happy there would be no trouble in your life. But if not happy then life is full troubles and problems. Before the starting of any “Shubh Karya” or assignment it is necessary to worship pitras. In case pitras are not worshiped with honor, then that assignment will never ends in success.

Who become “Pitra”

There are many mythologies regarding Pitra and people don’t know about Pitra. Those  family member    who are died unexpectedly or unnatural death. I.e.  In  accident, due to illness or disease.  Those died with unsatisfied needs become Pitra.  Pitra is a “Yoni” and they are mediators between Human and God. After death, if that person goes in Pitra Yoni, means he wants to be worshiped for lifetime by their family members.

There are two type of “Pitra:What is Pitra

Shant Pitra: The persons become Pitra after death but they are out of the Human issues. They believe in God and no bother about they are worshiped or not. The  family having this kind of Pitra not require to worship them. These Pitra are happy weather treated with respect or not.  They don’t have any relation with their family members and God is the final moderator for their family. These Pitra keep engaged   themselves  into “Bhajans” and “Satsang” and after staying in “Pitra Yoni” for some time they go away in to “Amar Lok Dham” or Heaven and stay there peacefully.
Ashant Pitra:  The people who are dead but are still in touch with their family emotionally. They need the respect and care to be taken from their family. Ashant  Pitra’s are angry in nature, but don’t harm the family very much but creates problems in finance and health matters. They want their foodstuff and respect on time from their family members, and once they become happy they will shower with blessing on you. They can do every work; even they can change your luck also.

Powers of “Pitra”

  • Pitra is the path way for family success and essential factor of family even after death.
  • Pitra can save us from any unexpected issues by  making the surroundings positive and energetic
  • Pitra helps to makes work successful and helps in getting every success.
  • Pitra provides peace and prosperity.

Disadvantages of not  worshiping the “Pitra”:

  • Unhappy Pitra’s leads to unsuccessful life with Lack of peace.
  • Business loss and Job loss issues.
  • Health problems with Small Children’s
  • All new assignments fail, Lack of money.

Because of Pitra’s having powers equivalent to God, even though by worshiping the god and not to Pitra’s then, in that case God will never helps us.  

Pitra’s are ancestor’s then why they make problems to their descendants, after death?Pitra Dosh Bhog

This question is very common and most of the people ask that if Pitra are our family members and were loved by us and vice-a-versa, then why after death “Pitra’s” create problems to their living family members?

The answer is simple, Everyone on this earth expects food on time with respect. Getting these two things timely that person becomes happy and work more efficiently.  This is exactly happens with “Pitra”. We people live in “Manuyshya Yoni” and “Pitra’s” in “Pitra Yoni”. As just like we deserve respect and timely food in the same way Pitra also wants  these things from their family members. Even though they are not alive but they want their things timely. We live on the earth while they live in “Pitra Lok”. If we get their blessings keeping them happy then we will be surely happy.

What is “Pitra Bhog”

The  food which is offered to “Pitru” is known as “Pitru Bhog”   Pitra’s generally accept sweet especially “Kheer” (Rice Boiled in Milk with Sugar or Jaggery) a traditional Indian Sweet.

Cow_Dung for Pitra Bhog How “Pitra Bhog” is offered?

Burn a piece of dry cow dung, take it to the place where you want to offer food for Pitra’s, put it there.  After putting the burning cow dung at the preferred place take some pure water in palm and move it around the burning cow dung to make that place Holy. Then pour some “Kheer” over the burning cow dung. Gather all family members there and worship the “Pitra’s” by whole heart with remembering the “Pitra” by their names praying that please accept your food and bless us.

When “Pitra Bhog” is offered?

This food can be offered once in a month on “Amawasya” or “No Moon Night” Because Pitra’s  accept their offerings only once in a month on Amawasya Day.

How to Identify the “Pitra”

Each of us has question in mind that how we identify the “Pitra’s” or their existence and  would like to know them.  

The answer is very simple. There are usually three ways to identify the Pitra:Bhagwat Geeta

1)     Read 11th Adhyaya of “Shri Madbhagwat Geeta”, within 2-3 days the Pitru will explain in your dream, following that dream you can begin worshiping “Pitra’s”.

2)      Wash your Legs and Hands before going to sleep, remember the God and pray like “Who are my “Pitra’s”, please aware me of  my “Pitra’s” Then to reveal their identity  understand  the Dream or you can consult well known  Pandit for interpretation.

3)      This is the most efficient way to know their existence. If you have doubt about any work that will take place or not. Request to Pitru like “if you really there then make my work successful,  and if so we will worship you and will recognize your existence in our  family. “Pitru” if they are there will definitely make the work success and then you can recognize them. 

That’s all about the “Pitra”