Power of Prayer and God

Prayers are the oldest and the simplest expression of religion. Now even scientific research has recognized the Power of Prayer, and prayer works. So, how can we pray the God to get our desire fulfilled? Prayer has obviously remained important in today’s world with all its power, despite of rise in disbelief in the God in this age of science.

Prayer is one of the most ancient and the simplest language in religion. It is universal, and usual in every culture or society where in the prayer happens. Like  Psalms in the Bible, the prayers used in both Judaism and Christianity. The  Quran which also contains many touching prayers to the supreme Allah.

The Vedic Aryans, the rural people generously prayed to various gods for material gain, for  wealth of cattle, good harvest, victory in war, health, progeny, success in some venture and so on.

In Hinduism we have rhythmical prayers in the form of Stotras, and Aartis to worship the God. In Sikhism, Prayer or Ardaas (Prayer in the form of a request) is one of the three basics of Sikh Religious thought, along with Faith and Grace.

Why should pray?Power of Prayer

Distress, sadness and ill-health, these major cause to hit and paralyze anybody. Moreover, if friends, family, counselors and doctors are not capable to help, then do whom you look for. This could be the opening option to prayer that provides you.

Swami Sivananda, founder of the Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, reassures like:

“No problems that cannot be solved by prayer, no distress that cannot be allayed by prayer, no difficulties that cannot be surmounted by prayer, and no Evil that cannot be defeat by prayer.”  Thus, he advises: go down on your knees and pray.

What is prayer?

Prayer can simply be described, ‘spiritual union with God through single-minded devotion’. 

“Prayer is to do something for giving Thanks, a feeling of surrender  and Assuming that there is a power standing  beyond me’.  It’s a reconfirmation of having faith in a divine power,   Spiritual connection with something higher’. 

Does Prayer works?

Power of Prayer - GODAlmost all the religious and spiritual leaders accept that prayer works and it works wondrously. Swami Ishwarananda, from Chinmaya Mission, Mumbai, confirms that he has prayed for sick peoples or for people suffering from difficulties and wonderfully they are all overcome their problems. “Prayer doesn’t remove their problems, rather it makes them confident to resolve their Problems or difficulty,” he clarifies.

Will prayer works as if done with evil intentions? No, is the answer. “It will be very silly” to pray for something like that.  

Social activist and reformer Asghar Ali Engineer says, “And if the desire of prayer is for a negative use, that person will never get the inner peace.”

However, is it a prudent practice to pray with supporters to have a success?  May be “But remember one thing, you may request, not demand. God is not bounded to you or somebody in contract with you” says Father Diniz.

How prayers answered?

Allah declares himself in the Quran that He is sami ad-dua, or ‘One who hears all prayers’.

Every prayer is answered, he clarifies but we fail to recognize the answer, which may comes in four ways:

The first way is ‘yes’. We ask something, we pray the God, and God says: “Yes, this it: I give what you asked for.”

The second is ‘no’. For a good reason, God tells us: “No, I will not grant this prayer.”

The third is ‘waiting’.  God tells us your time is not ripe to receive what you want.

The fourth is: “Here is something better?” We asked for one thing, but the God granted us with something as well.

The last three answers that test our faith.

Our prayers must be with faith. When you pray, you must believe that what you have asked in your prayer has already been granted to you. 

How does prayer work? 

Jaya Rao, well-known spokesperson on Vedanta and the Bhagavad Gita, says that prayer will bring results if they are coming from gratitude. “Whatever be the result of our sincere efforts, you accept it as Will of God,” she concludes.

“God helps those, who help themselves”, Swami Ishwarananda cautions people: “If you don’t make a sincere attempt, and don’t use your full prospective, prayer will not work.”

Asghar Ali Engineer explains the prayer fact in emotional terms like: “Prayer works on two levels: it gives inner peace and Self-confidence to the person that, his problems will be solved.”

How to pray

Looking for proof of God, the Isha Upanishad says:

As if oil in peanuts, And as butter in cream,
As water buried in dry riverbeds, And as fire in friction sticks,
So is the God hidden in every soul,
If I search with honesty and true effort.

Prayer does not demand high intelligence or expression. God wants your Prayer heartily. Only a few words from humble, with pure soul, will get listen by the God.
“In this regard, prayer, along with music, lamps, incense and other rituals, can make more effective to healing.”
The power of prayer is indescribable. Its glory is inexpressible. Only sincere devotees can realize its usefulness and splendor. Prayer should be done with respect, faith and non anticipation of anything. Prayer should be done with a heart full of devotion. Do not disagree as regards the worth of prayer. Don’t misleading belief upon prayer. And remember there are no arguments in spiritual matters.