What is Pitra Dosh

Pitra Dosh or Pitru Dosha is a difficulty in horoscope that arises due to not getting of Salvation (Nirvana) to the departed forefathers.

Pitra Dosh is mostly formed in the Horoscope when departed forefathers and ancestors did not get salvation (Moksh) or Atma Shanti at their departure. One may curious to know how we identify the existence of Pitra Dosh in Horoscope or Birth-Chart. According to Ethics in Hindu, if someone doesn’t offer water and food to their ancestors, do not respect them on Shradh-Puja and do not perform the rituals of pacification of their soul, then Pitra Dosh is Formed with conjunction of Planet Sun and planet Rahu in the 9th house in Horoscope or Birth Chart. 

How to Identify Pitra Dosh


  • According to Hindu Vedpurans the ancestors or departed forefathers sincerely search for getting Salvation or Moskha, if they were departed in unnatural death or dead in their early age. Due to unnatural death, their souls do not get salvation and roam on the earth in a meaningless way.
  • Forefather’s unfulfilled desires. Yes, if their strong desires are not fulfilled before death, they leave the earth with no peace of mind and their wishes remains attached with the soul of the ancestors. In this situation also they could not get salvation.Idenify Pitra
  • If the funeral ceremony or Antim Sanskar of the dead body is not performed due to one or another reason, the soul of that departed person remains without salvation.
  • Any act done with immorality and sinful deeds also hold that person from getting Moksha or Salvation.
  • Pitra Dosha occurs if any of ancestors up to the 7th generation from the father’s side and up to the 4th generation on the mother’s side has expired in unnatural death and or death at an early age.
  • Performing Rudrabhishek ( Rudra Abhishek ) in the name of ancestors is one of the fine remedy to wipe out Pitra Dosh. 

How will you know the presence and bad effects of Pitru Dosha?

Few symptoms of having Pitra Dosh

Financial Instability- Pitra DoshPitra dosha will affect on couple relationship, stressed Married Life. Infertility, repeated miscarriages, repeated death of children after birth or in childhood, extramarital affair, divorce, Problems in getting pregnant

Financial  instability, huge debts pushes the native to extreme poverty, obstacles in running  business, problems in acquiring and retaining inherited assets.

Pitra dosha leads to persistent health problems or disease and prolonged illness in family member. The family can face Evil effects of BLACK MAGIC.


What are the remedies

  • Pitru ShradhPerfroms Shradh Pooja to pacify the soul of departed forefathers and ancestors.
  • Shradh Puja even cleans all sinful acts and bad deeds committed by the ancestors.
  • Performing Shradh Pooja during Pitru Paksh ( Pitra Pandhrwada) of Hindu month Bhadrapad (Septemeber) is very auspicious to pacify the soul of departed ancestors.
  • The common and effective remedy to reduce effects of Pitru Dosh is offering the Kheer ( Made with rice, sugar and ghee) by putting it on Cow dung cake on every Amavaswya   (no moon day) by remembering the ancestor and requesting that you deeply apologize for your mistakes. This customs should be performed facing South direction.
  • On every important function in your family or home always remember or recall your ancestors with due respect. This is one of the best remedy to please the soul of ancestors.
  • Performing Rudrabhishek ( Rudra Abhishek ) in the name of ancestors is one of the fine remedy to wipe out Pitra Dosh. 

Worshipping the Sun and chanting Gayatri mantra are the other remedies to strengthen position of Sun in horoscope and to reduce bad effects of Pitra Dosh.