Life Path Number Three

Life Path number Three are highly Confident, Ambitious and never being satisfied by subordinate position as their aim is to go up on the top what they have and where they are. Number three persons are born lucky and get rich in their early stage of life. They have quality of creativeness, fairness, kindness and possess a dynamic personality. They can give new meanings to old values.   

Numerology Number 3 person is enthusiastic, sharp,

intelligent and doesn’t agree to settle the issues at lower level in their life or not like jobs in lower scale.


Number three loves beauty, harmony and a variety of pleasures, due to this reason they spends more money on their companions. Number three rarely likes a routine lifestyle; Number three can’t tolerate a dominating environment that can otherwise make them critical and impatient.Numerology Number 3

They are excellent in writing, acting, speaking and other aspects of creativity but more so in speech. Many writers, poets, actors and musicians are belongs to Life Path no 3. The artistic abilities of three can only be developed through discipline and commitment to the hard work

Number 3 are not better at handling the money because of having lack of concern about it. They spend when they have it and don’t when they don’t.

Number 3 are emotional and susceptible. When hurt, they opt for silence, eventually up-and-coming from silence with jokes and laughter that cover up true feelings.

Life path 3 can become moody and suspicious when depressed and passes sarcastic remarks, which can be painful to those around them. 

When used positively, number Three’s talent and self expression can be a great inspiration for uplifting others, bringing much success and happiness to themselves.

Negative side of Number 3

Slow and too deep thinking will frustrate them. They don’t perform well when placed under dominating management. Number 3 persons are selfish and shot tampered

Ruling planet: Jupiter 

Nature: Purposeful and Fair to All

Attitude: Optimistic and Opportunist

Colors: Violet, Mauve, Purple, all shades of Yellow and Blue

Lucky Days: Tuesday, Thursdays and Friday

Stones: Yellow Puskraj, Diamonds of yellow shade.  

     Harmony Numbers: 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9