Life Path Number Two

Life Path Number Two (2) is Moon; spiritual minded and desires to have peace and harmony around them.  Moon is considered as female, cold and passive. This quality makes Numerology life path number 2 one of the peacemakers in the society.  Number 2 wants everything best for everyone and always tries to do well for society. The soul of a life path 2 is of an artistic, emotional, romantic, understanding and quite dependent on others.  




Number 2 are extremely sensitive, perceptive, and shy little bit. These qualities can be both strengths and weaknesses. Sensitivity and perceptiveness is fine qualities of life path 2’s.Numerology Number -2

Because of having diplomatic in nature, Number 2 tries to solve problems through persuasiveness rather than by power. He is an idealistic and a thinker. He understands the matters faster than those around him.

We never see the second side of Moon from earth. Likewise, Number 2 hides the dark side from the society.

Negative side: 

On the negative side, Nervousness is a feature often observed in Life path Number 2. Because of this, number 2 can sometimes become emotional.

The biggest difficulty that Number 2 can face is lack of sympathy and laziness. Due to be short of common sense they can’t differentiate between dream and reality.

The strengths of Number 2 also become their weakness. Because of making hard to take a decision, number 2 often struggle against insecurity, making decisions and getting life in gear.

Ruling planet: Moon

Nature: Purposeful and Nurturing

Attitude: Dual

Colors:  White, off white, Cream, Shades of Green

Lucky Days: Sunday, Monday and Friday

Stones: Pearl, Moon stones

                          Harmony Numbers: 1, 2, 4, 7