Life Path Number

Life path number is the most important number in Numerology, based on the date of birth reveals a wide sketch of the education, opportunities and challenges that you have to face during this lifespan. The core of any numerology analysis is to express the personality, individual’s deeper nature, talent, life goals, and hidden characteristics.  

Life Path Number – is the sum of your date of birth, is the most important number in Numerology Chart. And Life Path Number plays an important role in setting the direction of life. Numerology helps you in planning your future and to take more active role in Life Style. 

Your life path number is something that never changes it comes from your birthday

Life path number describes what makes you happy and what the purpose in your life is. When you have clarity about your purpose in life it’s easier to focus on that. Using numerology we can check or test the Numerology marriage compatibility to make life happy 


How to find your Life Path number


Reduce each unit in birth date (DD/MM/YYYY) to a single-digit number. OR you can reduce it to a Master number (Master numbers are 11, 22 and 33). Further these master numbers can also be reduced to single digit by adding each characters.


The date of birth is, 31 March 1988 (31.03.1988)

Simply add all the numbers:

3+1+0+3+1+9+8+8= 33= 3+3=6

The Life Path number is 6.

Take care of adding the full year, not the last two digits, i.e. 1988, and not 88.

Here we see characteristic of each Number  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9