Number 2’s: Compatibility with Other Numbers

Number 2 represents Moon in Numerology, No. two people are Family Loving, Sensitive, Adjustable, Honest, but having lack of confidence and confused. Number-2's-Comptibility









Mostly Number 2 persons like to remain silence but they are always keep watch of everything that happening on around them. They are brilliant speakers but speak only when required. 

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2’s : Compatibility With Other Numbers

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 Numerology Number 2 represents Moon, 2 people are Family Loving, Sensitive, Adjustable , Honest, having lack of Confidence and Confused  Number-Two

Number 1 represents Sun, Born Leaders aggressive and chief earner in the family

For Marriage, number 2 is caretaker of the family responsibilities and 1 is Chief earner. This would be excellent combination of Number 2 with 1


Number 2’s are simple, state forward, honest and family care taker

For Marriage, Number 2 with 2, both the partner have similar in attitude, this would be the Best Couple.


Number 3’s are Dynamic, Socially Inclined, Luxurious, Fair, Creative, Multifaceted

For Marriage, Nature of both the Partner are completely different thus difficult to maintain the peace In relationship.  


Number 4’s are Bold and Straightforward, Intelligent Excellent coordinator and Practical, 

For Marriage, 2 are Romantic and Spiritual; 4 can seem to be a good fit which is practical, this is Excellent combination


Number 5 is Sensual, Flexible  and Adaptive, born Gamblers but earns  money

For Marriage, 2 is Romantic and Spiritual, 5 is Scholar and Fast thinkers, since characteristic of 2 and 5 Numbers are  different so it’s difficult to match


Number 6 is Host by Born, Pleasant appearance, Responsible and well Balanced

For Marriage, 2 is moderator, supportive in nature to his partner. So this could be a Balanced Couple


Number 7 represents Neptune. Spiritual, Imaginative, Creative and Sensitive. 

Even 7 and 2 are opposite planets, but the quality of both the numbers are almost identical so this is a  fruitful combination


Number 8 is a Saturn; own goodness, Strength, Hard work, and Strong in Execution.

For Marriage, Number 2 is Sensitive and Emotional Where as 8 is practical, But the understanding between 2 and 8 supposed to be very less. This may be fine, if respects each other


Number 9 is mars, 9 is self-confidence, Aggressive and Fiery, patience and Compassion

Mars is friend to Moon i. e. No.2. This relationship is good For Marriage. They will be one soul with two entities. This will be          Sweet relationships

From the above table the Number Two ( 2 ) compatibility can be

Best with Nos: 1,  2, 4, 6,  9

May be:  7,  8

Difficult: 3,  5