Number 3’s : Compatibility with other Numbers

Numerology Number 3 is Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and knowledge. Also Multitalented, Intelligent, sharp and cultured. Jupiter can take you on the way to new heights.Number-3's-Compatibility









Number 3 persons are lucky by born can get richness in the life at an early age. They have quality of creativity, justice, humanity and have a dynamic personality. They can convert old values into new meanings.

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Significance of Numbers Numerology Number 3’s :  Compatibility With Other Numbers

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Number 3 is Jupiter, planet of wisdom and knowledge. Also  Multifaceted, Intelligent, sharp and Cultured.

 Number 3


Number 1 is a Sun. Leaders, Ambitious, self-reliance , and Dominating

For Marriages, Number 1 and 3 makes a very successful relationship. As Number 1 is Leader, Ambitious and Career oriented while Number 3 is Multitalented, Fair in Judgments


Number 2 is Moon, Gentle, Care taker, Emotional and Honest in Nature,

Number 3 is Bold luxurious, socially inclined, while number 2 are Honest, Home loving, Emotional. In this relationship, Nature of both the Partner is entirely different. Still Spontaneous 2 can be an excellent fit, which usually lasting in a harmonious relationship.


Ruling planet of Number 3 is Jupiter, never satisfied by being in a Subordinate

If they come together in relationship, with given liberty to Live in their own way; they can win all the challenges of the world helping each other.


Number 4 is for Uranus trustworthy Practical attitude towards life. Calculative and Home Loving

For Marriage: Both the Numbers are different in Nature. Proper understanding between these two Numbers should give Happy relationship


Number 5 is Mercury, born speculator, creative, Restless, Loves Freedom

For Marriage: Number 3 and 5 are both are adventurous. Adaptable, daring and adventurous 5 suits for 3 for unpredictability. This could be the best combinations ever and never faces any Unlike Situations in life.


Number 6 is for Venus; well balanced and Responsible, Easily attract to the opposite Gender. Disagreement makes them Uncomfortable.6 is normally harmonious with all the numbers

For Marriage; Number 3 and 6 have likes and dislikes as well in good. 3 is Mastermind where as 6 is Intelligent, this is an excellent combination.


Number 7 is for Neptune, Intelligent, and Sensitive. Takes you towards Moksha. Spiritual 7 adds depth and appreciation in to life experience

Number 3 and 7 are naturally attracted to each other. This combination makes successful marriage Life based on mutual respect, love, understanding


Number 8 is Saturn, Strong Ambitious, Materialistic, Dynamic and Power Seekers. They are a warm and Care Taker persons

For Marriage; Both are the numbers of very Strong and having high Ego hence it is quite difficult to maintain peace in their Married Life


Number 9 is for Mars.9 is Self-Confident, Discipline, Bravery and Courageous, Forgiveness with Acceptance

This would be perfect relationship as number 3 is the Mastermind and Number 9 is Practical. Both are Creative, Easy going, Optimistic, Positive having interests almost equal.