Number 4’s : Compatibility with other Numbers

In Numerology Number 4 is represents Uranus. Number 4 persons are quite Dynamic, Dominant, Active, and Unpredictable but Excellent Organizers. It always moves in anti clock wise direction.




Nature of 4 is very brave & straightforward. They include a practical attitude towards life and Number 4 is the most honest people on this earth, one can really trust them. They like to behave within their own ethics of life. They are recognized and reward in the later on part of the life. 

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Numerology Number 4’s :  Compatibility With Other Numbers

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In numerology Number 4 is represents Uranus. Number 4 persons are quite Dynamic, Dominant, Active, Unpredictable but Excellent Organizers



Number 1 symbolize Sun. and Number 1 is creativity, self-reliance, motivated, Progressive and Natural

Even having different admiring qualities with interest and personality, an helpful and strong-minded 1suits 4 very well. Provided they should have a good understanding among them.


Numerology Number 2 is  Moon, cool and passive, Emotional, Dependent on others with Honest in Nature

Number 4 is sensible. Having a practical attitude towards life, Whereas Number 2 is Romantic and Spiritual marriage relationship of these two Numbers would be an Excellent and runs Life efficiently.


Number 3 is governed by Jupiter in Numerology. known for  wisdom and knowledge,  Adventures, Sharp and  Strong

For Marriage: The qualities of both the numbers are different. Better mutual understanding may creates good relationship between these two Numbers.


Number 4 is Uranus. Dominant, Active, Unpredictable but Excellent Organizers

For Marriage: Both Numbers have similar Attitude and feel. Number 4 are hard Workers, Home Loving, and Trustworthy. This relationship is like Made for Each Other.


Number 5 is for Mercury and this is quick decision maker, born entrepreneur and gamblers

Number 4 Systematic, Conventional and Practical while Number 5 is unusual, Easy going and Freedom Lover. If both numbers understand each other in Trustworthy it could be good marriage relationship


Number 6 is Venus. Is symbol of goodness of love, born artist, with Home loving

For Marriage: Number 4 is practical, Home loving, dependent and Trustworthy. 6 are very well also; thus Number 4 and 6 are well matching each other.


Number7 is for Neptune. Spiritual, have a strong personality and Imaginative. 7 is a constant source of wonder

For Marriage: Number 4 stands for head whereas 7 for body. This relationship will be unique. Head does the plan and body operates accordingly.


Number 8 is Saturn. Dynamic and Power Seekers. Number 8 achieves either great success or failures

For Marriage: 8 with 4 is quite successful, both are hard working, Intelligent, and Careful. Both of 8and 4 are planned and disciplined


Numbers 9 is for Maars, Compassionate, strong sense of purpose, self-confidence and have lots of energy.

For Marriage: Number 4 and 9 are good in their own way, enjoy married life happily. If   Mars is negative they could become egoistic, that can be problematic.


From the above table the Number Four ( 4 ) compatibility can be

Best with Nos:   2, 4, 6, 7, 8,  9

May be:  1, 3, 5