Number 5’s: Compatibility with Other Numbers

Numerology Number 5 stands for mercury. In Astrology and Numerology Mercury is the planet of mixed temperament and dual in nature. Creative, Flexible and Adaptive. Being talkative and restless in nature these persons can easily become irritable and get tempered.Numerology-Number-5-Compatibility  



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Numerology Number 5’s : Compatibility With Other Numbers

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Number 5 stands to mercury. In Astrology and Numerology Mercury is the planet of mixed temperament and dual in nature. Creative, Flexible and Adaptive.



Number 1 is born leaders, powerful and dominating. They can’t like to be a subordinate of someone

Both are Different in the Characteristic. If the Numbers 1 and 5 understand each other, that will it be a good and successful Marriage relationship


Number 2 represents Moon. Loyal, Spiritual, Sensitive and dependent on others in Nature

The characteristic of both the numbers are contradictory so it’s difficult to understand each other. This could be a good marriage Relationship provided both appreciate Each other to make a Necessary adjustment.


Number 3 is Jupiter, the biggest planet in Universe, born lucky,  dynamic personality, Sharp and Strong

For Marriage: This could be fine relationship and never undergoes any problems in life. Number 5 and 3 both are Adventurous, Talented, Charming, and fortunate for Love and Money.


Number 4 is Uranus and slow planet. Always moves in anti clockwise. Unpredictable, bold and straightforward in Nature.

Characteristic of both the Number are different. If these two Numbers understand each other, there married life should be happy.


Number 5 is Mercury. Makes friends easily and creates fabulous company. 5 is Demonstrative, Loves Travel and Adventurous.

Characteristics of both these Numbers are good for friendship and business. Two 5s together often form a wonderful, passionate and never boring relationship, the 5 requires freedom, independence often outdoorsy lifestyle, they are particularly well suited for each other. 


Number 6 represent Venus. Gives priority to their family. Symbol of Love, Beauty, Peace and Harmony

For Marriage: This will be good relationship as both the partners have protective and sacrificing characteristic to make a Happy and healthy family  


Number 7 is governed by Neptune. Neptune is spiritual planet and can take you to Moksha.  7 are Peace Loving and Calm in nature.

For Marriage: number 5 Loves Travel and Adventurous. 7 is philosophical And serious. If these two numbers come together as a couple it’s necessary to maintain balanced coordination with peace.Combination of 7 and 5 is excellent match.


Number 8 is Saturn. They are Power Seekers, confident,  Ambitious and Strong

Numbers 5 and 8 are opposite to each other, Possessing strong personality and one cannot suppress other. Being loved and  truly devoted to family Number 8 brings fine life to number 5, jointly with each; they can get any Material and Personal Success in their Life.


Number 9 is for Mars. Commander in chief and a worrier Highly spiritual, Ambitious in Nature.

It developed proper understanding between 9 and 5; They can make a good friendship and business Partnership. Marriage is quite hard

From the above table the Number Five  ( 5 ) compatibility can be

Best with No’s:  3,  5, 4, 6,  7

May be:  1, 4,  8

Difficult: 2,  9