Numerology and Career

In Numerology, Date of Birth reveals the talents and attempt when you were born in. Your “Life Path Number” denotes your attributes and abilities in given type of career or profession that may best suit for you. Using numerology one can navigate through life and business to achieve success and happiness to overcome obstacles. Numerology can help in finding proper Job or more career fulfillment. Your life path number is a clue for have a suitable option. In order to conclude Career strength, it’s necessary to find out Life Path Number.

And that can derive by adding your Date of Birth to a single digit.



For example Date of Birth is Say 04.06.1985= then adding these all digits

4+6+1+9+8+5 = 33 = 3+3= 6

So 6 is Life path number of that person.

Let us find out what career option is best for No. 6 from the table below. 

Numerology Life Path Number,   Attitude

Best  Career Option  

Life Path Number: 1 [ONE]:

Natural leader, Innovator, Excellent in independent management levels, Pioneer, Strong motivator.

Middle-Upper-Management, Lawyers, Farmers, Engineers, Work Associated With The  Introduce Of New Ideas, New Approach, Social And Spiritual Work

Life Path Number: 2 [ TWO ]

Diplomatic in Nature, Slow but Steadily does Everything with Quietly, Responsibly and Systematically. Serious and Thoughtful About the Work.

Lawyer, Diplomat, Clerk, Caterer, Insurance Adviser, Architect. Cooperative, Good squad Participant, He doesn’t Complain on not being as the Person in Charge.

Life Path Number: 3 [ THREE ]

Most Creative And Dynamic, Multifaceted, Enthusiastic And An Inborn Ability To Find Success, With Financial Stability.

Able to Generate Constructive Ideas. Arts, Writers And Filmmakers. Media Professionals, Journalists And Broadcasters. Professionals In “Exact” Sciences, Like Psychology, Psychotherapy, Biology, Pharmaceutical And Medical Sciences.

Life Path Number: 4 [FOUR]

Prefers stable and reliable business. Down-to-earth in nature. Creates an organized environment to yield best output.

Building trades, Mechanic, Executive, Accountant, Software professional, and Banking.  4s Are Also Involved In Jobs Like Organizational And Management Positions

Life Path Number: 5 [FIVE]

Versatile 5’s Prefer Anything. Natural Gamblers, They Welcomes Jobs With High Risk. Constant And Repetitive Works Make Them Quickly Bored. Needs A Mobile Activity And Free Routines

Particularly Well In Advertising, Public Relations, High-End Sales, Antique-Dealing And High-Risk Ventures, Administrator, Manager, Director and   E-Commerce

Life Path Number: 6 [SIX]

A hard worker understands others problem. Prefer to work in team. Care taker and Loving in Nature.

Artist, Florist, Singer, Beautician, Fashion field, Musician. Strong in Society services Fields. Excel In Construction, Carpentry, Mechanics, Engineering And Land-Based Work

Life Path Number: 7 [SEVEN ]

Self-confident, balanced, intuitive, have an extraordinary analytic power, constantly thrust of new knowledge with problem-solving vision. Ability to focus, and analyze. Insight contributes to its progress and prosperity.

Consultant in psychology of human relationship, diplomat, manager, Designer. Profession in religious mission. Healer, Author and Researcher. Avoids working in a big team.

Life Path Number: 8 [ EIGHT ]

Highly focused and ambitious. Dynamic and responsible, courageous, decision maker, firm on principles. Makes money and position on own priorities, without spiritual values.

Enforcement, Upper Management And Business Leaders. Exciting-Career Choices Like Surgery, Psychiatry, Pharmaceuticals. Lawyer,  Banker, Engineer,

Life Path Number: 9 [NINE] 

Rich Insight, Creative Imagination, A Sense Of Beauty And Harmony. Prefers to work Independently And On Own Initiative

Excellent Coaches And Social Workers. Human Resource Specialists, Archaeologists, Anthropologists And Sociologists. Spiritual Leader, Doctor, Diplomat