Numerology and House Numbers

The process to arrive the House Numerology number is quite normal.To get this Numerology number of your house reduces your house number simply to one digit. For example the house number is 55, street address may anything, and you simply add 5+5=10 then 1+0=1. Thus your house Numerology number is 1 

What about if someone living in the Apartment building. Here also you have to add both the Numbers of that Apartment with your Flat no to reduce it in the single digit.

Example: your address is Apt. No. 1125, flat no. 20, street anything the add 1+1+2+5+2+0=11=1+1=2 here Numerology number of your house is 2 

House Number Numerology meanings

Every house number is having positive and negative qualities. The feature in which your house is, that’s up to you to see.  How you make out the energy from your house is up to you.  If you get that the negative qualities are overpowering, then you should try to remove or break up the inactive negative energy. (Using some of the Vaaastu  Shastra Principles)    

House-and-Numerology Number

This concept can be used for the places of business also changing “residential concept” into a professional

Meaning of House Number


House number One

Creates active energy and has many positive vibrations. 

Good for any kind of business. It is especially good for younger generations because of having energetic setting.

When people move into this house it usually brings changes in their thinking

The live hoods here are intellectuals and interested in the New Age and love discussions. They keep late hours, dress glowing and believe they have the marvelous right of individuality – and usually they do.

This is the ideal house for businessmen, women, CEO, mangers, self-employed. Actors and entertainment professionals.

Lots of sunlight is required for positive vibration to occur. 

If you are lacking in natural sunlight, then it is suggest getting some natural lighting light bulbs. 

Color schemes for House:  Yellow, Gold, and Orange.

House No Two

House Number Two

House Number Two creates peace, harmony and balance in anyone’s lives. 

This House Number is full of kindness and devoted feelings. This home is often attractive.

Number Two demands patience and encourages sensitivity and softness.

Number Two is good for the growth of a partnership or marriage and has the tendency to collect things.  

This house is suitable for relationships, great house for new lovers or people who have lived together for a long time.  It helps in the balancing of any relationship.

Color schemes for House:  Cream, Green and White.

House Number Three

House Number Three is one of the happiest one and having a symbol of welcome at the doorstep. 

This house is creative and social in Nature. People living in this house will often be very active and happy.

In the house number three you can develop your dream of life in creativity, emotions and Communication.

Color schemes for House:  pale purple, blue, calming blues and violets.

House Number Four

House Number four is meant to have security and stability, this house is a good one to build a solid foundation for future

This house brings straight-thinking, livelihood with practicality.

This house has a solid and protective vibe. It represents a strong house with clean furnishings. These houses are usually very large. People inside will have to deal with a lot of gardening and peculiar jobs.

This is the house of the builder or professional who likes to go up for success.

Color schemes for House:  Blue, soft gray, green like all the plants.

House Number Five

Number Five house spreads happy and lucky vibrations and could be happy home, full of warm energy and success.                                        House Number Five

A house with vibration 5 usually looks good and appreciates in worth.

The Number Five house encourages originality, enterprise and Self promotion

Instability is may be the major defect to the habitants in this House and constant change my happens.

This house is perfect for an interior designer, they loves to keep up with the change, and uses their home as a platform

This house can stir up arguments and awful tempers.

Color schemes for House:  Green for remedial to the changes

House Number Six

House with numerology six is a warm and happy house, perfect for families. It is very well decorated and visually appealing. This house is full of love and warmth, it has a pleasant feel.

This house creates a peaceful and loving vibration. Money, comfort and good things are attracted in this house when life goes out of good will and a kindly strength.

Set healthy boundaries around you so that people surrounding you don’t interfere in your home or Healthy Lifestyle.

Color schemes for House:  Rose, Pink and Green

House Number SevenSpiritual Development Number Seven

House Number Seven enhances intuition, dreams, telepathic communication, spiritual development and metaphysical studies.  And perfect for people who desires to be alone, meditate and seek divine inspiration.

This house often attracts spiritual, intellectual and imaginative persons who are seekers of a serene, peaceful environment. 

This house loves water, thus you often find ponds, pools or fountains on the outside of this House. 

Color schemes for House: Ocean  Blues, Silver and water-colors.

House Number Eight

Number Eight - Business PeopleHouse Number Eight is perfect for business. It has a strong energy. It attracts money and will be perfect for people having with big goals in their life.

Focused business nature will best outfit for house with number eight. Through discipline and problem solving nature, occupants can achieve a position of power.

Number eight is of self-mastery, one may find spiritual beliefs, enhance the material achievement living in this house.  

The natural environment of this house will aid to sooth great behaviors. 

Color schemes for House:  Green, Cream, Blue and Gray.

House Number Nine

Houses Number Nine, usually have heavy energy. It gives best results if built nearby water- like lake, river, or seashore

This could be perfect house for the people of new Life Style living. Also, for the people focused on spiritual growth.

This is the house for broadminded thinkers

Intuition, dreams, healing, spiritual pursuits, arts, drama, philosophy and metaphysical teachings will all be sources of inspiration in a house number nine.

Color schemes for House:  Yellow, Pink, Violet and Indigo