Numerology Destiny Number

What is Destiny Number?

Destiny Number is also known as Expression number in Numerology. Destiny number is derived from adding values of all the characters as it appears in that persons full Birth name. The full birth name as recorded on your birth official document is to be used for calculating your Destiny Number.

Destiny Number describes the tasks that you achieve in this life span. It symbolizes the opportunities you have at your disposal (your potential or destiny).

Your Destiny Number reads your desires about what you are going to become or what to do for finding happiness.  

To find the accurate number, please avoid in adding Nicknames, Married names, Changed Name,  Shortened (Initials) names and  prefixes/suffixes like Mr. Mrs. Miss etc….! Exception to that is if you were Adopted soon after birth. Then you can use the name given by your adoptive parents.

Numerology What is Destiny Number

According to numerology if you follow your destiny number you will find the doors are opened to you in the field of physical, mental, emotional and spirituality worship with harmony. Numerology helps you to, find your lucky number, lucky dates, lucky gems, give powerful names to your babies and correct your names if necessary. This is the reason why Numerology is becoming popular now a day.

There are nine destiny Numbers and each have a different destiny. There are also numbers known as master numbers. These master numbers are 11 and 22. Some believe there is a third Master Number 33.  

Master numbers are exalted as numbers of supremacy.

Numerology Chart for Calculating Destiny Number.

Numerology - Destiny - Number


Destiny Number calculation for Smt: Geeta Shamkant Verma from the above Chart 

G e e t a    S h a m k a n t     V e r m a

7 5 5 2 1   1 8 1  4  2 1 5 2   4 5 9 4 1

It comes  67 = 13 = 4


Destiny Numbers comes to  4.   Where each number has its own characteristics that can help in discovering Ones goal in Life and what to do in Life Span.

See your Destiny Number in detail from      1      2      3      4       5       6      7       8        9