Numerology Life Path Number Five

Numerology Life Path number 5 is Mercury, freedom lover and freethinkers. To chase freedom, the person with Number 5 is versatile, adventurous and advanced in thinking. These peoples always interested in finding the solutions to their problems. They often look for change and constant improvement; Number Five are unpredictable and not trustworthy. They are born gamblers and can make money from various sources.

On an average, the behavior of number 5 is living for today, and not too much bothered about tomorrow.                                                                                                                                                                         Numerology Life Path Number Five                                              

They make friends very easily; they have an upbeat personality and often excited in attracting people from all community of life.

Because of having communication skills Life path 5 can be good in Sales, Advertising, Promotion, Politics or in a profession that requires perceptive nature.

Negative side of the Life Path 5: 

  • Even having multifaceted attitude Number 5’s are confused, Restless, Unhappiness, and Impulsive, they may bounce from one to another Job without accomplishing much at all.
  • They become irritable and get tempered easily.  
  • Being versatile in nature they cannot stick on one thing for long.
  • Life Path 5 is very irresponsible in everyday decisions in terms of home and in business. 

Ruling planet: Mercury   

Nature: Active and Restless

Attitude: Playful

Colors:  Shades of Green, White, Light Brown and Grey

Lucky Days: Wednesday and Friday

Stones: Diamond, Gold, Silver and all shining things

Harmony Numbers: 5