Numerology Life Path Number Four

Life path number Four is ruled by Uranus; Numerology Number four are generally strong and hold their own strategies which are reliable with practical, gentle and passionate. Number four is Stable and balanced.  

They always referred as the Master Builder because of coming under the Master Number 22.

Number four represents Justice and honesty. They are reliable and trustworthy, and work for support the community. Though they are not idealistic, they willing to work for a betterment of world in a matter-of-fact. They love family and home and Adhere to their own principles.

Number four if desires to work for any task, they do that with perfection, they can achieve huge success, prestige, and become a celebrity. Apparently, all of the Life Path No. 4 does not become famous.Numerology Life Path Number Four

Loyal and devoted characteristics of number 4 make the best partner in partnerships, and they are always a good provider. Number four may have friends few in number, but very close ones they have. And once friendship is made, they keep it for a lifetime.

Number four are an excellent organizer and planner because of their inborn ability to view things in a logical and practical way. They can be best performer under pressure and facing a tough set of problems.

The negative side of Path 4


Life path 4 is of excessive non-flexible attitude, narrow-minded, and exploitative. Additionally, the 4 has a bad tendency to get trapped up in the routine affairs, missing the major opportunities that come along once in a while.

Ruling planet: Uranus   (Moon north node, Rahu)

Nature: practical and Unconventional

Attitude: Suspecting and Rebellious

Colors:  Shades of electric Blue, Maroon, Grey and Golden

Lucky Days: Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Stones: Light or Dark Sapphire

Harmony Numbers: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9