Numerology Life Path Number Six

Numerology Life path number Six represents Venus which is love, harmony and sincerity. Number 6 is arrived from Master number 33. Its energies abide delays with calmness. People with Life path number six are generally passive, peace makers and caretaker both at home and at workplace as well.  Number Six is wider for truth, justice and morality. Number 6 is Supportive to parents and children’s.

Number Six are healer and helps to needy like giving comfort with offering a shoulder to the crying people. They help in practical way by developing the tools which truly useful to others, rather than just in sympathetic way. 

Number 6 are naturally balanced and well prepared to support and ground others in critical times.

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Life path Number 6 are believers of significant responsibilities in the community, their life keeps roaming around the home and family, and thus number six could be the most finest household number. Traditional principles are extremely integral part in Numerology number 6 peoples, and almost that is character of six.

They are prone to begin self-satisfied and fruitless sometimes.

Diamond or turquoise (Greenish-blue color) is their favorable gems. They have tendency to live and let live, with romantic and stylish.

Negative side

Life Path six becomes snowed under responsibilities and a slave to others. Due to this, Life Path six sometimes has in exaggeration, over-expansiveness. Humility and humbleness together with may not run easily and can require constant encouragement.

Situations like avoiding responsibilities make them to feel guilty and anxious, and may leads to have negative effects on relationships.

Ruling planet: Venus (Morning star)  

Nature: Romantic and Active

Attitude: Seductive and Flirtatious

Colors:  All shades of Blue, Rose, Pink and White.

Lucky Days: Tuesday, Thursdays and Friday

Stones:  Turquoise, Emeralds

Harmony Numbers: 3, 6, 9