Numerology Number One’s: Compatibility with Other Numbers

Number one (1) represents Sun,  Self Oriented, Dominating, Firm on Their own ground, have qualities of Leadership, Self-confident. So look at Numerology Number One’s: Compatibility with Other NumbersMarriage Compatibility

Number Numerology Number Significance Compatibility With Other Numerology Numbers
Other Numbers   Number 1 is Sun, Self Oriented, Dominating Firm on Their own ground, have a qualities of  Leadership,  self-confident
1 Number One (1) represents Sun Self Oriented, Dominating Firm on Their own ground, have a qualities of  Leadership,  self-confident There is a problem of two captains on one ship and quickly put strain on each other. Both are equally dominating, egoistic and ambitious thus it is difficult to maintain peace, in their Married Life
2 Number 2 is Moon, prudent, Emotional with Understanding in Nature. No.1 is chief earner, where as No. 2 is caretaker in the family, this combination could be an excellent one. The gentle, sensitive, and diplomatic 2 can be a great complement 
3 Number 3 is Jupiter, smart and cultured. For marriage, 1 and 3 numbers make a very successful relationship. There personality supports each other in well and Good.
4 Number 4 is for Uranus realistic at all. Their Personality, Interests are entirely different. Even opposite but complimentary to each other. Good understanding between them creates a balanced relation in married life.
5 Number 5 is Freedom Lover, altering and Restless. Characters of these Numbers are clashing, difficult to understand each other. If understanding is there between each other, they may be successful business Partners. For Marriage, quite Difficult.
6 Number 6 is Venus, dedicated, loving, and Responsible. For Marriage, 1 and 6 is an excellent combination to make happy and Life long  relationship
7 Number 7 is Intelligent, spiritual, thoughtful, spontaneous and creative Number 1 and 7 both are born Traveler, live Purposeful this may be a good combination in married Life and introspective these two numbers can be a good friends 
8 Number 8 is well-built, Immovable, Self Confident with having the clear-thinking For Marriage, This could be a perfect relationship with love and hate. Compromise may be the key for a peaceful life
9 Number 9 is sign of fire violent, creative, Demonstrating For Marriage, No. 1 is career oriented, whereas No. 9 is sacrificing and encourage his partner this will good combination in Life Path.

From the above table the Number one ( 1 ) compatibility can be the

best with Nos:  2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9

May be:  4, 5,

Difficult: 1