Kalash - Varalakshmi

Varalakshmi Vratam Puja Vidhi

Varalakshmi  Puja, Ritual  or Vratam  is a ceremonial  prayer performed by Married women on Friday in the month of Shravan [Jully/August] before the Pornima or full moon day. This year,…

Lord Vishnu

What is God

In Hinduism, the assumption of God is commonly perceived as a polytheistic religion [believing in more than one god]. Certainly, most Hindus would confirm to this, by professing belief in…

Happy Girl

Happy and Sad

As a human being everyone wants to have a Life with happiness and wants to escape from Sadness forever in his lifespan. However it is not a matter-of-fact to be…


Karma Phal Sidhant

The perception of Dharma [Religion] is based on Karma Phal Sidhant.  All scripture from Hinduism like Vedas, Upanishad to Bhagavad-Gita have highlighted the importance on Law of Karma. “What I…

Numerology Number Nine

Numerology Life Path Number Nine

In numerology, number 9 is governed by the planet Mars. In astrology Mars is known as commander in chief and dressed as a worrier. Mars is the universal symbol of…

Numerology Number Eight

Numerology Life Path Number Eight

Numerology Life Path Number 8 is governed by the planet Saturn [ Shani ]. Persons with number 8 are confident, determined and mysterious [difficult to understand].   Number 8 is…

Numerology Number Seven

Numerology Life Path Number Seven

Numerology Life path Number 7’s possess the clear and powerful spiritual mind with analytical thinking power. So far, the life path 7 is dedicated in investigations of the unknown, and…

Harmony Numbers, Life Path number 6, Life Path number Six, Lucky days, Negative side of Number Six, Numerology, Venus [Sukra]

Numerology Life Path Number Six

Numerology Life path number Six represents Venus which is love, harmony and sincerity. Number 6 is arrived from Master number 33. Its energies abide delays with calmness. People with Life…

Numerology Life Path Number Five

Numerology Life Path Number Five

Numerology Life Path number 5 is Mercury, freedom lover and freethinkers. To chase freedom, the person with Number 5 is versatile, adventurous and advanced in thinking. These peoples always interested…

Guru Arjan Dev Ji

Golden Temple Amritsar

The Harmandir Sahib , Known also Darbar Sahib  and informally referred to as the “Golden Temple”, is a prominent Sikh Gurdwara located in Amritsar, Punjab, India. It was built by the fifth Sikh guru, Guru Arjan Dev ji, in the 16th Century….