Renuka Devi Temple Mahur

Mahur or Mahurgad is a spiritual or pilgrim place in Maharashtra, India. Mahur is the birth place of Hindu Goddess Renuka, mother of Lord Parshuram, and one of the Three and half Shakti Peethas in Maharashtra. Other is Tuljapur Bhavani, Kolhapur Mahalakshmi and Saptshringi Jagadamba These are purna Shaktipeeth. Mahur is half Shaktipeeth because of having only Head of the Goddess Renukadevi which is visible. In Mahur Temple, the Idol worshipped is the head of Goddess Renuka Devi.

Here we can find many temples like:  Anusaya Temple, Kalika Temple, Goddess Anusaya, and ancient temple of God Dattatreya.

The temple of Renuka Devi has a special place in the Hinduism. A big fair is held here in Mahur on Vijaya Dashami (Dasara Navratri) festival. Mahur is also the birth place of God Dattatreya. The antique temple of Dattatreya is located on Mahurgad. Every Year Datta Jayanti is celebrated on Datta Pornima, which attracts thousands of people to Mahurgad.Renuka Devi Mahur

Goddess Renuka is also well known as Yellamma: “Mother of the Universe” or Jagadamba. 
According to Ethics in Hindu Devi Yellamma is the incarnation of Goddess Maha Kali, who on one hand symbolizes the death of ego, and on the other hand is the mother who is kindhearted about her children.

The living form of Yellamma is mostly worshipped South India, including Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Maharastra, where this goddess is known by local names like: Mahankali, Jogamma, Somalamma, Gundamma, Pochamma, Mysamma, Jagadambika, Holiyamma, Renukamata, Yellu aai, and Renuka Devi


Mahur is located on the Sahyadri hills, also known as the Western Ghats. All three important temples “Renuka Temple”, “Dattatreya Temple” and “Anusaya Temple” are built on three different mountain ranges. Mahur is surrounded with rich forests wild life. Peacocks, dears, black bears, panthers are very common in this forest. 

On one of the mountains we find “Mahurgad Fort” which supposed to constructed in the 12th century. Mahur was important fort in Berar history. Even it becomes separate province in 1478 during Bahmani Sultanate. Mahur was one of the Sarkar (then district) with 20 parganas (towns) in Berar Subah(state) in Akbar’s empire. 


God DattatreyaThe main pilgrim places in Mahur are:- Goddess Renuka Devi Temple, God Dattatreya Temple, Devi Anusaya Temple, Devdeveshwar Temple, Parshuram Temple, Sarvatirtha, Matru-Tirtha, Pandav Leni, Mahurgad Fort, Mahakali Temple (In the fort), “Mahur Museum”, Sonapir Dargah ,Shaikh Farid Water fall, Palace of Raje Udaram. (Raje Udaram Deshmukh and later his fearless wife RaiBagan (Royal Tigress) were the last rulers of Mahur.) 




Devdeveshwar Temple:

Basically Mahur is the Nidra sthan (sleeping place) of Jagat Guru Shree Dattatreya Prabhu, Shree Dattatreya Prabhu will take nitya snan (daily bath) at Meruwada talav (Tank) in Mahur, Bhiksha (the meal served to a sadhu or Indian Monk) at Kolhapur , Bhojan (Lunch) at Panchaleshwar and return Devdeveshwar mandir Mahur Nidra sthan of God Dattatreya Prabhu. God Dattatreya is supposed as a chiranjiv avatar (Immortal) so even today also God Dattatreya comes to sleep here according to legend. 


People who visiting Mahur Also Visit “Unkeshwar” (50 km from Mahur; 15 km from Kinwat), which is a natural sources of hot water. This water contains sulphur and supposed to have medicinal value. Unkeswar Hot water spring

Unkeshwar temple is dedicated to God Mahadev (Siva) here the hot springs are located near by the temple. These springs possess medicinal value and capable to cure skin diseases.

This water in one tank stands at 42.20 C of temperature and it contains Sulphur in water springs. The excess water flows out from the Gomukh. Many bubbles are seen in the tank which indicates presence of Sulphur contents as per the experts.