Shri Satya Narayana Swami Temple Annavaram

The temple of Annavaram is one of the most famous sacred pilgrim centers in Andhra Pradesh. Temple is dedicated to God Shri Satya Narayana Swami or Lord Satyadeva is situated on Ratnagiri Hills on the banks of the river Pampa and Annavaram is located at a distance of 125km from Visakhapatnam and 80Km from Rajahmundry. This is the second highest place to attract pilgrims after Tirumala Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh.

One can reach easily Annavaram from Hyderabad, just an overnight journey by train. All trains from Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam go by Annavaram.

The glory and prosperity of God Satyadeva was widely described in Revakhanda of Skandapuranam. The presiding god Lord Satyadeva with his consort Sri Anantha Lakshmi on one Side and God Shiva on the other side took his abode on Ratnagiri hills.Annavaram Temple

God Satyadeva is the god of truth and blessings on mankind with beautiful manifested form of the DIVINE TRINITY namely Hari Hara Hiranya Garbha Thrimurtyatmaka. Hence this temple is attracting lots of Pilgrims from both Vishanava and Saiva follower’s.  

The SRIMATHRIPATHVIBHUTI VYKHUNTA MAHA NARAYANA YANTRA is installed here, which plays a leading and significant role in attraction of both money and men (Dhana Janakarsha).


SatyanarayanswamyThis place was known for constant food distribution (free Annadanam) by the kindly people of this area; so that this place was called by the name Annavaram (annam means food in Telugu). Another version is the presiding deity of this temple bless the pilgrims with Anina Varam (pronounced or required help), hence this place is called Annavaram.

There are also other temples of Shri Rama and  Vana Durga and Kanaka Durga. The front side of the temple looks like the chariot. The wheel represents the Sun and the Moon to remind us, this Juggernaut moves on the wheels of time, and goes on forever. Thus the Annavaram temple satisfies both the ritualistic values and the spiritual aspirations of its devotees.

The idol of God Satyanarayana is about 13 feet high in a cylindrical form, the base in the lower sanctum representing Lord Brahma and the upper sanctum representing Lord Vishnu. The middle portion represents Lord Shiva.

Somewhere other temple represents the harmony of Lords Hari and Hara but this is the unique place where even Brahma who generally denies temple worship, is clubbed with the other two, and the Generator (Brahma), the Operator (Vishnu) and the Destroyer (Shiva) are worshipped simultaneously. The image of the God Satyadeva forming a single idol represents the Trimurthis- Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh is of unique attraction.

“Moolatho Brahma roopya,Annavaram Satynarayana Swamy

Madhayathasha Maheswaram

Agrathah Vishnuroopya

Traika roopayathenamaha”

The temple has two floors; the ground floor contains the yantra and the peetham of the Lord. On the four sides of the yantra there are four deities namely Ganapati, Suryanarayana, Bala Tripurasundari and Maheswara which constitutes panchayathanam. In the 1st floor the Moola virat of Lord Satyanarayana swamy is in the center, the image of Goddess Anantha Lakshmi is in the right and Lord Shiva is on the left.


Sri Satyanarayana Temple trust is maintaining two different types of Darshan systems for the conveyance of the pilgrims.

Sarva Darshanam:

Sarvadarshanam means ‘Darshan for all’. Sarva darshanam is free and allowed between 6:00AM to 12:30PM and 1:00PM to 9:00PM. 


Seegradarshanam means ‘ Fast Darshan or with minimum waiting time’. There is a charge of Rs. 50/- per person. One packet (100Gms) of Bhogam Prasad is provided with Seegradarshanam ticket.

Antralayam Darshanam

Antralayam Darshanam means ‘with less waiting time’. Pilgrims want to avail ANTRAYALA DARSHANAM , have to purchase a ticket of Rs. 100/- per person. Timings are same as of sarvadarshanam at Antralayam but it passes through a different queue.

Devastanam administration has taking care of pilgrim’s comfortable stay on the Ratnagiri. Pilgrims can avail the facility of different kinds of accommodation ranging from Normal rooms to A.C Suits in various choultries and guest houses on the hill.

For  the convenience of the casual visitors devastanam provided lockers facility to keep their luggage. Advance reservation facility is available for all accommodations except Prakash Sadan.

Reservation can be done 40 days before by paying extra payment of Rs 25/- 

Choultry’s Name with Rent per day: 

Sri Seetha Rama Satram : Rs 100.00

Sri Centinary Satram : Rs 225.00

Sri Kanaka Durga Satram : Rs 100.00

T.T.D Satram : Rs 050.00

Satya Niketan (Annavaram Town): Rs 100.00