Rajapur Ganga

Rajapur Ganga, a miracle of nature on the earth and one of the important places to visit in Maharashtra. The holy Ganga appears here when she desires, stays as long she wishes to, and disappears when she decides.

It is supposed that river Ganga appears here to worship God Shiva at Dhootpapeshwar Temple. Devotees take an opportunity to take bath in this holy water of Ganga. They believe their sins will wash out with this flowing water and by blessings of Ganga Mata (Divine Mother).


Ganga River is considered as Holy River according to Ethics in Hindu, and river Ganges is referred as Goddess Ganga, whereas Hindus believes that bathing in this river gives the decrease in sins. This holy space is located on the top of the hill. Usually Ganga appears in summer.GANGA -RAJAPUR

  • Rajapur Ganga was supposed to first appear in March 1883, which stayed for about 68 days.
  • Then Ganga was appeared in 1936 after 1918 with a big gap of 18 years. While after 1945, it is appearing at every 2 to 3 years.
  • It appeared on 28 May 2009 and was present around 20 days.
  • It recently appeared on 11 April 2012 after a gap of 321 days from her last appearance.
  • Longest stay of Rajapur Ganga in history was for 115 days.

There is a well-known holy spot near Rajapur named with Kashi Kunda (water store) and 13 other Kundas. ‘Kashikund’ is One of the biggest pond, which delivers clean as glass like water, people consider that bathing in this water will relieve them of all Sins.Rajapur Ganga Kashi Kund

About Six gallons of water comes every minute in each of these Kundas during Ganga’s existence. Surprisingly these 14 Kundas are dry throughout the year, even in rainy season also not a single drop of water stay in these Kundas in disappearance of Ganga. While appearing Ganga, these 14 Kundas are filled with water and festivity starts on. It is interesting that temperature of water in every Kundas varies from each other even having situated close to each other. 

At distance of one and half kilometer from Rajapur Ganga, there is a place well-known as “Ushnodak Tirth” in “Unhale” village, which flows continuous “Hot” water stream running all over the year.   

Visitors first visit this “Ushnodak Tirth” the hot water stream flowing throughout the year. 

Separate provisions are made here for male and females for bathing in this water. Temperature water in “Ushnodak Tirth” is around 42.8 degrees.
Having contained with little amount of Sulphur in this water, it is believed to have medicinal properties. People with skin and arthritis troubles can benefit from bathing in this water. After taking a bath, visitors go on towards Ganga either way. 

Getting here:

It is just 3 k.m. from  Rajapur village. State transportation buses are available from Rajapur to this spot. Visitors first get down at “Ushnodak Tirth” in Unhale village to take hot water bath and then go towards Ganga which is on top of the hill.  “Ushnodak Tirth” is a naturally created hot water spring, located on Mumbai-Goa highway.

There is a very old Shiva temple in Dhopeshwar across the river near Rajapur village. It has a Swayambhu Shivlinga (means which appeared by itself )

Waterfall Dhootpapeswar

The Mrudani River jumps from the high mountain so it creates the beautiful waterfall near the temple. Some tourist comes here to see the waterfall. The best period to watch this waterfall is in between July to November. During this period there is flow of plenty of water. There is huge crowd on Monday, Shrawan  and Mahashivaratri.

It is a famous temple in Dhopeshwar village in Rajapur taluka.  Dhopeshwar  village is 5 k.m. Away from Rajapur city. It is always full of devotees here. This is an ancient temple. Surrounded  by Natural beauties at both sides of the temple with huge mountains and a river flowing through to make it more beautiful.


5 k.m.  from  Rajapur city.

Private vehicles and auto facility is available from Rajapur city

Nearby Places to Visit: 

Yashwantgad: This is one of the most attractive places to visit in nearby Rajapur area. This fort encourages Yashwantgadthe adventurous youths and trekking lovers to follow. Everyone must visit this place during their Rajapur visit. 1200 sq.mts. Vide spread out space is the supreme specialty of this fort. 

Fortification is another specialty of this fort; still it is hefty. There are 17 bastions (Buruj or Shikhar) and they are also in good condition. Tourist can experiences pleasant puff of air and forget all physical exertion here.