Simple Vaastu Dosh Remedies

You are a nice person still facing difficulties in running your business. There are regular unwanted disputes in your family. Your children’s are ignoring you regularly. Children’s are brilliant one but not getting proper job.  Then there may be some defects in your Living House which termed as Vaastu Dosh (Defects).

Here we give some simple Vaastu dosh remedies. Using  these remedies you can have  Happy and peaceful life    

1) Perform the Navachandi Yagya, Shantipath and Agnihotra Yagya which are the major Vaastu Doshas Remedies. 

2) Perform Ganesh pooja, Navagrah Shanti, and Vastu Purush poojan before officially entering your house or office.

3) Take a Vastu Purush idol, a Nag (snake) made of silver, a copper wire, a pearl and powla, tieup all these items in a red cloth along with red soil and keep it in the North East direction of the house. This is the simple Vaastu dosh Remedy.


4) Wrap some red sand, cashew nuts, powla in a red cloth, and keep this in the Western direction of the house on Tuesday, and worship it with request for having a peaceful atmosphere in your house. 

5) During reconstruction of a demolished structure, any old clay pot or certain kinds of old items should not be reused like the main door, wood items, and gate of the old compound, as they will create the Vaastu dosh.

6) Don’t forget to worship the front doorstep everyday, where we stick the Idol of Ganeshji or symbol of a Swastik, or Shubh-Labh, etc., with Akshta and kumkum. Also, while entering the house, do not let your feet touch the doorstep to avoid a Vastu Dosh.

7) Make a habit of chanting some Sukta Jaap, Mantra Jaap, Vedic parayan (Vishnusahstrnama ….etc!) regularly for purification of the home atmosphere.

Japa Sadhana for Vaaastu Dosh Remedy

8) “Om Namo Bhagvate Vastu Devtay Namah” is a very effective mantra for Vaastu Dosh Remedies. Reciting it 12,500 times – beginning on a Tuesday – minimum 108 times everyday till it has been recited 12,500 times would be very helpful. End of the Anusthan, perform the Dasamnsa Homahavan (1/10th)


9) Worshipping the Vastu Purush regularly is important for maintaining harmony in the home.

10) South-West direction of the house creates Vaastu dosh and problems if not shaped properly. To reduce the negative effects you have to perform Pitru Shanti, Pindadan, Nagabali, Narayan Bali, etc.

11) Performing Rudra every Monday and on every Amavasya is the useful remedy for any Vaastu dosh and maintaining a peaceful atmosphere at home.

12) Keeping a photo or idol of Lord Ganeshji in the house will bring peace and prosperity in that house.

13) According to Vaastu Shastra, every house must have a Pooja Room.

14) The Griha Pravesh, or house warming ceremony, should not be performed without performing the Navagraha Shanti pooja.

15) A house which was vacant for some years should be used only after Vastu Shanti Vidhi. After performing Vastu Shanti, don’t keep the house vacant for 3 months or more

16) South-West direction of the house should never be empty. This is a major Vaastu defect.

17) For having peace and harmony light a lamp every evening near the drinking water pot and at Tulsi plant inVaastu Dosh Remedy your house.

18) Perform the Griha Shanti pooja every year to remove the effects of the sinful stuff we do, knowingly or unknowingly, in our routine. 

19) Visit Hanuman temple nearby you, Take some “SINDUR” from feet’s of Hanuman and make a Swastik of that SINDUR on Main Entrance door of your house. Do this every month. It removes Vaastu dosh from your house.