Vaastu and Educational Performance

Vastu Shastra contains the ability of converting an average student into high achievers. It helps the students those are hardworking and tends to recognize their potential to discover their hidden abilities.

If your child is not concentrating and stuck in studying, then definitely he is studying in a negative area according to Vaastu: i.e. Northwest, South of Southwest or the East of Southeast.

If your child studies in North of Northwest or South areas, then he uses the computer for entertainment, and not for study purpose. Whereas studying in the South, will be the relaxed to the child.

Here are a few Vastu tips for educational performance which formulated to help the students academically.

Vastu Tips for Study

  • Locate the study area either in East, Northeast or in the North of the house. These helps the student to concentrate on their studies. Northeast, gives mental clarity and wisdom.
  • Place the study table in such a way that, Student should face East or North while studying.
  • Avoid placing the study table against a wall, these blocks attracting new ideas and imaginations in-to the young minds.
  • Young Children or Students should always sleep with their heads towards East direction.
  • Placing a statue or image of Goddess Maa Saraswati in the study room is a better idea to concentrate the students on their studies Study Room Vastu
  • There should not be a toilet attach to study room, or any beam above the study table.
  • The atmosphere in the children’s study room should be bright, cheerful and vibrant. The colors should be yellow, orange, and light green in the study room. Never use black and grey colors in the study room.
  • Place the paintings of Horses, Rising Sun, running cars to boost the energy for the students to perform better in their studies.
  • Puzzles and pictures of sad moods causes depression to the students so avoids such items in the study room.
  • Never place the Books on the study table, keep them in the book shelf, otherwise it attracts unnecessary stress and pressure on the students.
  • Never keep non-working items like pens, sharpeners, uncertain books on the study table as they will create negative vibrations in the study room.

Please remember that there is no substitute for Hard work, Vastu Principles will assist you in achieving the academic goals. Put your out-most efforts along with compliance of Vaastu guidelines to excel in the life.