Vaastu and Five Elements of Nature

The universal cycle runs in their specific and fixed way, any imbalance in universal elements will leads to natural calamities like Earthquakes, Sliding, Floods, Tropical storm, Lava and so on. Likewise, imbalance of these elements in our diet also affect on our body.

Thus, imbalance in Nature’s five elements in environment creates a discomfort, which we can observe psychologically [Mentally], because the Energy Centers (‘Chakras’) of the body get disturbed.

Adhering through the Vaastu Shastra principles, we can defeat mental distress and can reach the peace of mind.

And we can balance the mind or attain the Stability through meditation.  

Vaastu Shastra principles can’t change our destiny, but try to improve the Quality of life. Destiny can’t change; however, by using Vaastu remedies according to Vaastu observance, one can reduce the difficulties of life. 


Every individual’s destiny is predetermined according to their past “Karma” and that could be transport by means of which the person will take a trip to attain his destiny. And this journey is undertaken by using the fuel “Thoughts” and moved by “Action [Karma]” and the “Road to Destiny” is Principles of Vaastu. This road can become smooth if it adheres with Vaastu compliance or otherwise it will become Rough. However, it is preferable to follow Vaastu Principles to have Happy and Healthy Lifestyle. 

Implementation of Vaastu: 

If the house fulfills the Vaastu Shasta principles then positive energy overrule the negative forces and releases the bio-energy, which helps residents to live in happy and healthy life.

Vaastu For Houses

The House which compiles Vaastu principles will brings Positive cosmic energy and supports the Soft, Happy and Healthy Lifestyle.

At the same time if that house is not built as per Vaastu Principles could override the positive energies and the efforts of inmates become useless or negative. 

Here we can use the Vaastu Shastra to get the benefits, and that can show the way to have a constructive environment at the house, office or factory. 

Vaastu in support of Houses: the Houses which built according to Vaastu principles convert the invisible space energies into money-oriented benefits for the inmates. It attracts a positive energy meadow to make sure in Physical, Material and Spiritual Wellbeing. 

Vaastu for OfficeOffice Vaastu: Application of Vaastu principles is totally importance for the offices where appropriate flow of business is required. Vastu can create the positive environment and business Growth with proper placements of the five elements of Nature, I. e. Water, Fire, Air, Space and Earth.

Just altering the sitting arrangements of CEO, Staff, and appropriate assignment of office Furniture, Safe, Using proper colors, and proper placement of water bodies (Bathroom, Water Coolers etc.) will make appreciable business growth.

Vaastu Principles for Factories: Any industrial unit requires lots of investments, takes multi tasking activities, including Raw material purchasing, Processing, Packaging, Accounting, Disposal and carrying of Goods etc. and the most important thing, welfare of Human Resources (employee’s related issues). By implementing proper Vaastu guidelines we can co-coordinate these activities and have a growth in ROI [Return on investment] which could be ultimate aim of any organization.

Vaastu applied Factories [Vaastu suggestions like keeping disposable products in Northwest, Electrical appliances in Southeast and likewise] improves the strength of the workers and could avoid Labor problems, which in return increases the productivity.