Vaastu defects & Their effects

Vaastu defects or bad Vaastu of the living house will always affects adversely on the health and wealth of inmates.

Because we spend most of our time exposed to either positive or negative energies of our immediate surrounding, i.e. our house OR office.

Having one or other Vaastu defects in our living area, will definitely effect on our health in either way.

Northwest defect

Defects in Northwest can effect on close relationships and / or leads in-to spoil in relationship 

Defected Northwest portion of the house or building mainly effects on women and on 3rd Son (wherever applicable) 

Kitchen in Northwest with Gas stove (Fire) in this area can ignites a tendency towards agitated expenditure.

Defects in Southeast

Defect in this portion mostly affects the women and where applicable the Second Son, (2nd Son).  Southeast defect causes needless quarrels and in rare cases Fire accidents to Females in that house. 

Whereas if the overall Vaastu of the house is good and fire element (Kitchen) if placed as per Vaastu in Southeast, the nature will give you an abundance of health & wealth. 

A water element in (fountain, underground water tank etc.) in Southeast is not recommended at any cost which is completely opposite to fire element which rules this Southeast direction.  This will adversely effects on Female health and the children, particularly on the 2nd Son.

Southwest defects attract Accidents and Losses:

Be cautious about the Southwest.  If plot has higher Southwest than rest of the plot it brings prosperity and wealth, whereas if it is lower, it attracts Accidents and Losses.  Any Vaastu defect in Southwest first affects the owner, then Females in that house and later on the eldest Son. 

Extension in Southwest will creates legal problems and debts.

Defects in East rises Health problems:

Defect in East direction will affect the male children in that House.  Good Vaastu in East leads to health, wealth and well-developed male children. 

There will be more auspiciousness if East has veranda and is lower than West. 

Whereas if the land in the East is higher compared West then the male children will gain poverty and bad habits. 

Any Garbage, Junk and heavy stones in the East effect negatively on wealth of Children.  

There may be Eye problems if no veranda in East or Eastern veranda is having slope towards west.

Defects in West affect male Children’s education:

Good and bad Vaastu of West direction will mainly affects the male children.  The doors to wealth and prosperity open when the west of the house has a higher floor and a higher ceiling than the center of the house. 

Inauspiciousness and suffering gravitate to the Sons of the house when there is more space in the West of the plot than in the East. 

Entrance door in the West of the Northwest invite lawsuits and monetary losses.  Whereas entrance door in West of Southwest attracts diseases and unnatural death.

Defects in North invite financial and health problems:

Defects in North, effects on health of women and wealth of entire family.  Open space and a low veranda in North leads to wealth as well as happiness and satisfied women in the house. 

If plot is more spacious in the North than the South it will increases the wealth.  However, heightened land in the north brings unhappiness to the women and a decline in the family’s possessions.  Losses are to be expected in there is any kind of garbage or hills in the North.

Defects in the South cause losses:

The South zone mainly affects women.  If there is a lot of free space or land in the south, or if the southern part of the house is lower than the rest of the plot/house, the women can expect economic setbacks and bad health.  

Additionally, the builder of the house will suffer from business losses if the south direction has any Vaastu defects.  Good Vaastu in the South will attract good health.  And a heightened room in the south of the house attract health, wealth and prosperity in the house.