Vastu and Your Horoscope

Dharshanshastra consist five sub branches. These are Vastushastra, Yogashastra, Jyotishshastra, Ayurveda and Sangeet. From these Ayurveda leads to Kaya Kalp, Yoga leads to Mana Kalp and Vastu leads to Bhagya Kalp.

Vaastu is holistic science which is full of traditional values with entire cosmos and flow of energy from all sources in the House. Whereas Astrology is a broadest study of the positions and aspects of space bodies with the belief that, they have an influence on the earthly occurrences and on human lives.  

Vaastu is a balance of 5 elements (Earth, Water, Fire and Space) which, when lay down in a proportion and exact ratio generates positive Bio electric energy that bestows health, wealth, comforts and prosperity in that house.  

Astrology and Vastu when combined and applied, it becomes Astro-Vastu and helps on having own favorable personal space for overall success and growth of natives.


The Astro-Vastu analysis works on three parameters – The Individual Horoscope, Vastu Principles and the auspicious time or Muhurata. 

There is a deep connection between Astrology and Vastu. Vastu Talks about favorable Directions and in Astrology planets, houses and signs also have positive directions.

For Ex, Sun favors east, Saturn favors west, Sign Aries favors east, Sign Virgo favors South, Ascendant signifies East direction, 10th house signifies North direction and so on…… !

The relationship of Vastu and Astrology signifies directional impact on person to person. For ex: According to Vaastu “East” is a benefic direction in general, but it may not be benefic for the person born in Capricorn ascendant. Similarly North West Direction is treated well for food grain storage, but it may not suitable for the native with Libra Moon sign 

In any horoscope Lagna is considered as “East” direction and Seventh house as “West” direction. Likewise fourth house is “North” and tenth is “South”. Second and 3rd house indicate North-East, 5th and 6th house indicate North- west, 8th and 9th house stand for “Southwest” whereas “Southeast” direction is represented by 11th and 12th houses.

Vastu from your HoroscopeDifferent planets rules different directions like Sun-East, Moon-North West, Mars – South, Mercury – North, Jupiter- North East, and Venus – South East, Saturn – West and Rahu – Ketu rules South West direction. If any planet is debilitated, combust or in enemies sign in such situations there shall be Vastu defect in the direction owned by that planet.

In Astro Vastu we can study these things along with many more from individual’s horoscope.

It is essential to match the individual’s horoscope with their living Vastu to enhance prosperity in their life.

Principles of Vastu can improve the situations but ASTRO- VASTU can totally enhance prosperity in Natives life…

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