Nidhivan Temple Vrindavan

Nidhivan is one of the most eminent, spiritual and unexplained place in the Paavan city of Vrindavan, India. This is the Place of God Krishna here happens a musical dance by God Krishna with Gopies in this forest every day in the night period.

There are many interesting stories or myths about this Nidhivan Temple. This Van [Forest, park] is surrounded with numerous small trees, and is home of monkeys.

A very strange assumption is associated with Nidhivan Temple Vrindavan, i.e. after the sanctified procedure of Aarti, all living things whether human beings or any kind of animal are not allowed staying in the periphery of this temple.

If some wants to attempt to see this Dance or to see the GOD, he or she will not be able to speak or died. Unfortunately somebody remains in sight the temple in the night, either he / she become physically handicapped or even he/she may die. He/she is may not found alive or not be able to speak in the morning to disclose or to explain the spiritual secrets of the lord Radha-Krishna.

Nidhivan Vrindavan

Even now the priest puts two toothbrushes, some water in a jar with Bhog [Sweets or Laddoo] and keeps the Bed ready after Aarti in the night. In the morning everything is seems as if someone has used it.  

It proves the fact that Lord Radha Krishna who is Priya-Priyatam, appear in the night to perform their spiritual activities (Raas Lila).

There are many spots or things in this temple, which indicates the existence of spiritual secrecy about the Lord Radha Krishna.

There is a Samadhi of Swami Haridasa, The Radha Rani temple, The Sacred Well of Radha Rani, The Appearance Place of Lord Bankey Bihari and the Costume place of the Lord PRIYA-PRIYATAM, where they decorate themselves rapidly.

Nidhivan temple area in Vrindavan, are almost covered by only a forest or jungle. There is a clean path and a small house which is locked, having a glass gate. Inside is a beautiful, peaceful-looking, decorated statue of Lord Krishna, Thakurji and Radha, or Radhey.

This temple closes at 5 pm every day. It is believed that Thakurji comes after dusk and all the trees here become his Gopis. Throughout the night Thakurji dances [Raas Leela] and then in the morning everything seems what it exactly as before.