Ethics in Hindu

I am a common human being, not an astrologer, numerologist, any predictor.  Just a Common man like any one. In our daily life we face many problems Like Health, Wealth, and many more…..! Our daily life cycle is routed through in a specific way.  Human life cycle comes under the power of Planets (GRAHASTITHI). We have to undergo good or bad results as for each our Grahastithi (planet situation) and with own Karma. In Human Life, each and every event either good or bad is result of one or the other planet. Like Jupiter for education and success, Human nature and behavior is influenced by Budh and a person’s marriage or married life is highly influenced by Mangal.

Ethics in Hindu

Mars (Mangal) ,  Rahu and Ketu,  Shani , which  forms Manglik Dosha ,   Pitra dosha,   Kaal Sarp Yog  (Dosh)  and  Shani Sadhe Sathi respectively.

This website is to just explain the Ethics in Hindu, Hindu culture, Festivals, God and goddess, Temples and other traditional matters. Causes -effects and simple remedies for various Dosh(Bad Effects of Planets).

Everyone can do these simple remedies at home, without any extra expenses. Some helpful information about Numerology and Vaastu Shastra, Vaastu Dosh and Remedies, is also incorporated for betterment of mankind. One can use this information and have a Happy Lifestyle.


myhinduethics.com/  ( Website ) is created for spreading out information about the Ethics in Hindu, Hindu Festivals, Culture and Traditions only. We don’t take too lightly other religions or think less important than Hindu religion. All religions are one and the same and they all cover a great Ethics in each of them.

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